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Raising Cyber Jobs Awareness: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

As this is Cyber Security month, this is a perfect time to comment on a recent article that highlighted the lack of awareness of cyber security that young adults (millennials?) seem to have. Yes, they are naturally steeped in the technology and...  [Read More]

Watch Your Wallet……

More details are emerging from the recent cyber breach at banking giant JP Morgan. Upwards of 75 million customer bank records were stolen during a breach that began in June and ran through August. Representatives of the firm confirm the breach but...  [Read More]

It’s Official – Home Depot Was Hacked

Several weeks ago the word started to spread in the cyber security community that yet another big retailer, this time Home Depot, had been hacked. At that time the company said they were looking into the incident. Today Home Depot made it...  [Read More]

China Continues Cyber Attacks on US

The Senate Armed Services Committee released information today indicating that China has once again been caught with its hands in the cyber cookie jar. According to the report, hackers tied directly to the Chinese government have launched cyber attacks on at least...  [Read More]

Breached or Not Breached?

The headline at CNNMoney was troubling – “A list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a Russian Bitcoin forum Wednesday”. Yawn…another hack. Buy it was troubling on several fronts–first that so many Gmail passwords had been stolen and were...  [Read More]

Hackers Strike at More Energy Companies

The relentless attack on the energy sector continued last week when officials in Norway announced that as many as 300 energy-related companies in that country have been hacked by outsiders. The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) said that 50 organizations had been...  [Read More]

Trust Us. . . . No Data was Lost

Word comes today that has been hacked by a person or person’s unknown. Reports indicate that the initial breach occurred in early June but went undetected until recently when IT specialists scanning the logs manually noted the issue. According to government...  [Read More]

Home Depot Repairs after Cyber Attack

Yet another retailer has been hacked and everyone involved in the incident is scrambling to determine the amount of damage done. Home Depot announced Tuesday that it is cooperating with investigators to determine if and when the breach occurred in their system....  [Read More]

Law Firms Not Exempt from Cyber Breaches

Nearly every organization is subject to cyber attacks and the loss of sensitive information that can result. Law firms are no exception. A great deal of sensitive material is naturally kept within the files of law firms around the nation, both in...  [Read More]

Health Care Breach Affects 4.5 Million Americans

The relentless assault by hackers on the cyber systems of the nation continues to escalate as news comes of yet another cyber breach that will affect millions of Americans. According to just-released information, Community Health Systems, which runs over 200 hospitals mainly...  [Read More]