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Old Technology Negatively Impacts Small Businesses

Old Technology Negatively Impacts Small Businesses Security is a huge reason small and midsize businesses need to update their old technology. Hardware more than a few years old is probably out of date for many small businesses. Basic software also needs to...  [Read More]

Insider Threats: Dealing with the Threat Within

There have been a number of recent events that have forced organizations to reevaluate the possibility of insider threats. In order to deal with insider threats a security analyst must have a very different mindset towards security than they have for dealing...  [Read More]

Lack of cybersecurity talent poses major threat for national security

The single most important cybersecurity issue facing the U.S. is quite possibly a lack of talent....  [Read More]

China’s new rules: Give us the keys or stay home?

China’s new rules: Give us the keys or stay home? China has proposed new rules for tech companies doing business in the Chinese banking and telecommunications sectors. The new requirements demand that tech companies providing equipment or software for use in Chinese...  [Read More]

Black, White and …….Grey

Black, White and….Grey Have you ever heard of white, black and grey in respect to cyber security? Those are the colors that we relate to in cybersecurity–the three colors that describe the ‘hats’ worn by hackers. The colors harken back to the...  [Read More]

Webinar: Cyber Forensics

Join us for a FREE webinar on April 6, 2015 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET). Register for the event now. This webinar covering Cyber Forensics will explore the different topic areas associated with this important field. Techniques and procedures for collecting,...  [Read More]

Webinar: Information Risk Management in Healthcare: “At any cost…really?”

Join us for a FREE webinar on April 8, 2015 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm (ET). Register for the event now. Recent data breaches and the high visibility around the changes in the threat, from internal to external, has generated a growing...  [Read More]

Webinar: Introduction to Cybersecurity: Network Security

Join us for a FREE webinar on April 13, 2015 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET). Register for the event now. Network attacks put the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, systems, and services at risk. Network security is based on three elements:...  [Read More]

Beating the odds

Beating the odds A great deal has been written about the small percentage of women in technology. Currently the rate stands at about 20-23%….give or take a few points. We also hear about the efforts that are underway to attract more young...  [Read More]

A Call for Abstracts and Papers

A CALL FOR ABSTRACTS & PAPERS National Cybersecurity Institute Journal Special Issue—The Role of Community Colleges in Developing the Cybersecurity Workforce National Cybersecurity Institute Journal, in collaboration with the National CyberWatch Center, is extending a special issue call for abstracts and papers...  [Read More]