Business and Technology

Excelsior College’s School of Business and Technology Speaker Series Presentation Critical Cybersecurity Awareness Faculty Program Director:  Dr. Andrew Hurd Cybersecurity is a growing field. If we had the foresight and we integrated computer security the way it was supposed to be inte-grated...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity: Threats, Risks, and Partnerships

Cybersecurity: Threats, Risks, and Partnerships This diverse panel will discuss the threats to network service providers and customers, discuss how to manage cyber risks in a complex, diversified environment; and, how to achieve effective outcomes through public and private partnerships. Facilitator: Nnake...  [Read More]

Building the Government’s Cyber Workforce: Challenges and Solutions

Building the Government’s Cyber Workforce: Challenges and Solutions Like the private sector, the government is challenged today to educate a cybersecurity workforce to, among other things, understand the various Risk Management Framework methodologies, data analytics, and generate the neccessary metrics to leverage...  [Read More]

Hands up…your computer is being held hostage

One of the growing problems with cybersecurity in 2015 and again this year is that of ransomware. Imagine if you suddenly had a message appear on your screen notifying you that all the data in your computer was now encrypted. To gain...  [Read More]

Protecting our most valuable assets

There have been increasing reports that hackers from unfriendly nation states have been probing the defenses of our critical infrastructure with regularity. In case you aren’t aware, our critical infrastructure are 16 sectors deemed critical to the ongoing operation of our country....  [Read More]

Yahoo Attacked

By all accounts, technology giant Yahoo was the target for a major breach in 2014 in which attackers stole as many as 500 million accounts. That’s right…500 million accounts! Bob Lord, the CISO for YAHOO released a statement that says “We have...  [Read More]

Jumping the Gap – We Are Almost There

There are many ways to attempt to secure a digital system. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti intrusion software, employee training, tight policies and procedures can all play a key part, but they can also be manipulated and defeated by skilled and persistent...  [Read More]

NCI Cyber Month

Celebrating National Cybersecurity Month 2016   The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College is pleased to announce its 2016 Cybersecurity Month activities. The purpose of this speaker’s series is to highlight key issues facing information assurance & security in some of our...  [Read More]

New malware threatens Android 6 OS and banking app security

Cybersecurity experts recently discovered a malware aimed at Android operating systems....  [Read More]

Is Your Favorite ATM Chip Enabled?

Everyone enjoys the convenience of ATM’s. You can find these handy cash dispensing machines nearly everywhere – airports, supermarkets, parking lots, movie theaters, malls – you name it. If you need quick cash one of the nearly 400,000 machines is certain to...  [Read More]