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Use USB Only for Personal Use!

I saw some great advice in an article about USB – pretend they are your toothbrush and share accordingly. USBs are amazing devices and the amount you can store on them is equally impressive. They can also be the source of untold...  [Read More]

Who is Behind Your Firewall?

Having only a perimeter defense is a bad idea, but knowing who is inside your company’s network is a key component of a solid defensive approach to cyber-security. Over the years, your organization may have allowed access to suppliers, customers, partners and...  [Read More]

Cyber-Intelligence Gathering Can Stave Off Attacks

Being aware of all the emerging threats and newly discovered vulnerabilities, along with updates on new and existing adversaries, is an important tool in your defense in depth strategy.   Many attacks are repeated on unwitting organizations that didn’t incorporate emerging news into...  [Read More]

Do you know where your critical data is?

You are probably doing all you can and more to build in network and application security in your organization, working to minimize the threat of a devastating cyber attack that can result in brand damage, financial loss, or compromise of key intellectual...  [Read More]

Rogue IT – you can’t protect what you don’t know about:

Today’s tools and software as a service make high powered, widely deployed capabilities possible without the involvement of the Information Technology or Information Security groups within your organization. These types of activities may be very effective in terms of speed, but may...  [Read More]

Align the entire organization on cyber threats

Cyber threats are one of biggest risks that organizations face today, capable of completely disrupting operations, reputation and ability to function. It is imperative that the Board work with the C-Suite, the IT function and the entire organization to align resources around...  [Read More]