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Who’s Controlling your Vehicle?

As a blog follow up to the Black Hat 2014 Conference in Las Vegas, I had promised to cover the presentation where researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had named the most hackable cars in 2014. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have...  [Read More]

Interceptor, High Tech Hackers are in the Towers!

Well, there is someone intercepting your data while you drive along in your auto on the interstate. Who? Well, we don’t know that answer! Yes, it has been reported that there are so called rogue cell phone towers that are popping up...  [Read More]

Beware of Clicking that Destination on the Map!

Okay, everyone uses Google Maps. It is because we do not want to get lost trying to get to our destinations. However, what if there is a particular destination in which you would like to visit? Say, a place for dining out...  [Read More]

The Plight of Exhuming or Burying Digital Remains

As concerns over digital privacy grow there has been much debate on the digital past-life of the now deceased. How does one access once private accounts well protected by users when alive but now dead? Until now, you would only have such...  [Read More]

NCI’s Black Hat 2014 Wrap Up

On Tuesday, 5 August, the Black Hat 2014 training sessions were being wrapped up during the evening sessions. There were a number of topics that security experts were attending during the first couple of weeks of Black Hat 2014. I attended a...  [Read More]

Lessons Learned From a Password Manager

Have you always wondered about using that online password management system that you keep seeing advertised on websites you visited? Or do you already use a web based online password manager account to store all of your complicated passwords that you usually...  [Read More]

World Cup Of Cyber Attacks

As the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 moved on to the finals, sponsors, patrons, banks, and organizations suffered significant damage by way of cyber-crime. Brazil’s banks, FIFA World Cup offices, and patrons were all targeted and fell victim to malicious bad actors in the...  [Read More]

A new bank robber known as Pandemiya

Watch out would be bank robbers, there is now a new crook on the loose. No, it’s not a person but a new malware source code. It is way different than the credential stealing trojan malware that is currently known in the...  [Read More]

The Facts of Attacks

This past May there were a significant decrease of cyber-attacks. As a network forensics engineer I have personally experienced this decrease in attacks. There were only small peak times of attacks that occurred in May which was middle and at the end...  [Read More]

Bank takes the fight to Criminal Hackers

The Bank of England will be going to cyber war with cyber criminals soon. Yes, The Bank of England has decided to use cyber threat intelligence methodologies for predicting and deterring cyber criminals from intruding and stealing credentials and money from their...  [Read More]