Critical Infrastructure

Who are the hidden faces of Cyber Talent?

As Veterans Day comes to a close, and everyone has enjoyed the day with their veteran of choice; a sister or brother, uncle, father, and son. I ponder on my family of veterans; the service they contributed, and wonder where there career...  [Read More]

Offshore Outsourcing in Healthcare Mitigation

There are some things that a healthcare organization can do to mitigate the risks inherent in off shoring. Setting up a organization for off shoring is a two-part effort. The first part is a clean room at the off shore site and...  [Read More]

Offshore Outsourcing in Healthcare

This is the first in a series of postings on offshore outsourcing in healthcare. This first posting will provide some background information, while subsequent posts will address the legal issues, risks, and possible ways to mitigate the risks to the extent possible....  [Read More]

Information Security in the Classroom

I have written several times about the experience of teaching information security in the classroom, both in the brick and mortar and online environments. My focus has always been on the student and the ways I try to make it interesting and...  [Read More]

Federal government increases its focus on cybersecurity

The U.S. government has recently begun to take concrete steps to help companies protect themselves and one another from the growing threat posed by cyber attackers....  [Read More]

How Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable to Insider Threat

While the insider threat in government agencies and large companies is a known problem, less is known about the insider threat to critical US infrastructure, such as water purification or nuclear power plants. To illustrate the nature of the threats, here are...  [Read More]

Government Cyber Agency Will Be Here Shortly!

Well, it’s about time that we all started sharing! In an effort to get every government agency on board and to continue the build out of several post 9/11 command and control centers, the Obama Administration announced this month, the creation of...  [Read More]

Is Cyberespionage Against International Law?

The recent disclosure of a purported Russian cyber-espionage campaign that targeted NATO, the European Union, and Ukraine once again brings the issue of state sponsored cyber espionage to the forefront. Despite Henry Stimson’s view as Secretary of State the “Gentlemen don’t read...  [Read More]

Cyber Attack Recovery Planning is Important for All Businesses

Last week’s Yahoo intrusion has something in common with Viagra, penicillin, and Coca-Cola – all happened by accident. The end result was not what the instigator was looking for. At first, it was thought that the Yahoo intrusion was due to a...  [Read More]

Cyber Security versus Information Security

There are two paths of thought on the issue of Internet and ICT security at the international level. The traditional Western powers in the US, European Union, and Japan speak in terms of “cybersecurity,” the protection of data, networks, and individuals as...  [Read More]