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Yahoo Attacked

By all accounts, technology giant Yahoo was the target for a major breach in 2014 in which attackers stole as many as 500 million accounts. That’s right…500 million accounts! Bob Lord, the CISO for YAHOO released a statement that says “We have...  [Read More]

Jumping the Gap – We Are Almost There

There are many ways to attempt to secure a digital system. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti intrusion software, employee training, tight policies and procedures can all play a key part, but they can also be manipulated and defeated by skilled and persistent...  [Read More]

The role of cybersecurity in this year’s US presidential election

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election on multiple fronts....  [Read More]

California Says Ransomware Is Now Illegal

There has been a marked increase in ‘Ransomware’ attacks in recent years. Dan Whitcomb, writing for YahooTech reports that “More than $209 million in ransomware payments were made in the United States alone during the first three months of 2016, according to...  [Read More]

Stop, Think, Connect

Despite all the warnings about hackers attacking digital systems, despite all the media coverage of major breaches of big box organizations, despite news of hackers attacking our government agencies and critical infrastructure…the people who operate the systems continue to make the same...  [Read More]

Old Dropbox Hack May Haunt Customers

According to a blog recently posted on the Dropbox website, a 2012 data breach included the theft of 68 million email addresses and passwords. It is estimated that Dropbox has over 200 million customers, so the hack potentially impacted a significant percentage...  [Read More]

Women in Cyber: Employers Pay Attention!

According to researchers there are a great many cybersecurity positions that are currently unfilled in the country. Kerry Butters reports that “…it was revealed that by 2017 there will be a global shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals“. What that means...  [Read More]

It’s Official….68 Million Records Lost

In case you have forgotten, the cloud service ‘Dropbox’ suffered a massive breach in 2012. The organizations was quick in its proactive efforts to protect users, and plug holes in its defense, but the damage had been done. Until recently no one...  [Read More]

Alarm Bell: Will Our Election Process Be Hacked?

For years conspiracy theorists have been warning about the potential dangers or electronic voting, only to have their words fall on deaf ears.  As a society we have eagerly embraced technology and watched it creep into every aspect of our lives, including...  [Read More]

NSA, Shadow Brokers, and Small Businesses

Over a week later, there are still many questions unanswered regarding the release of hacking tools purported to be from National Security Agency (NSA). Mostly murky information and speculation appears on various internet new sites and blog. General speculation at this time...  [Read More]