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iPhone Hacked… Update Immediately

To Update or Not Update…That is the Question We often hear that updates are available for our computers and smart phones, and often we ignore them. If you have an iPhone you had better pay attention and not pass up this update. ...  [Read More]

NYT Hacked

Fool me twice shame on me… Numerous news sources are reporting today that the New York Times has once again been hacked by foreign intruders, and, fingers are being pointed at the Russians as the source of the attack.  This attack comes...  [Read More]

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Finally for the Vehicles Part 2

In my last blog I discussed the issues with automotive security and what might be done to reduce vulnerabilities. In Part 2 I will take a closer look at a potential solution with an IDS that may be the answer. I mentioned...  [Read More]

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Finally for the Vehicles

Vehicles have notoriously been vulnerable to attack from various sources. These have varied from the equipment, endpoints, and communication being insecure to open ports. Regardless of the source, these have historically and continue to provide ample attack surfaces for those with malicious...  [Read More]

What to Do? Breach Response

Years ago, a business could plan to secure its enterprise. The IT department would harden the system and in most cases there would be a reasonable assurance the enterprise was relatively safe. Things have changed as technology has improved. This improvement has...  [Read More]

The Community College Cybersecurity Summit (3CS) Recap

The Community College Cybersecurity Summit (or 3CS) was held in Pittsburg in July. This conference, while targeted at community colleges offered several sessions that would appeal to university faculty, cybersecurity practitioners, and government. What differentiates this conference from most other cybersecurity conferences...  [Read More]

The National Cyber Summit Recap

The National Cyber Summit (NCS) June 7-9, 2016 in Huntsville, Alabama was one of the best cybersecurity conferences I have attended. The conference included many sessions ranging from paper presentations, new technology overviews, and hands-on workshop sessions. The keynote speakers were knowledgeable,...  [Read More]

Lack of Cybersecurity Skills Makes Firms a Hacker Target

There are many reasons why companies should be concerned about a lack of cybersecurity skills within their organizations. As the Internet of Things continues to gain rapid traction across the business landscape, influencing a large portion of our daily operations and processes,...  [Read More]

Predictive Analytics Applicable to Info Sec

Info Sec is an uphill battle daily. The entity with limited resources of staffing, time, and expenses has the duty and responsibility to secure and protect the enterprise and its data. The entity has only a limited number of staff members present,...  [Read More]

What Is Your Business Cybersecurity Score?

What Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are to credit ratings of companies, companies such as  FICO and Bitsight are becoming to cyber risk ratings for companies. Businesses have relied on credit ratings to determine investment risk levels and now companies are relying...  [Read More]