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Chinese caught in cookie jar….but what now?

On Monday, May 25th the United States Justice Department officially indicted five people in the Chinese military for spying on US businesses. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “This is a case alleging economic espionage by members of the Chinese military and...  [Read More]

The Facts of Attacks

This past May there were a significant decrease of cyber-attacks. As a network forensics engineer I have personally experienced this decrease in attacks. There were only small peak times of attacks that occurred in May which was middle and at the end...  [Read More]

Target breach: making a bad situation worse

By Kris Monroe, NCI Fellow I was prompted to write my first blog post for NCI after my wife received an email from Target on Friday, January 17th. This email with subject “Important message from Target to our guests” talked about their...  [Read More]

We Had Fair Warning

The TJ Maxx cyber breach of 2007 sounded the warning bell to consumers and retailers that the security of credit card sales was in question. Upwards of 40 million customers were put at risk with that breach. Since then retailers have dutifully upgraded their security...  [Read More]

Are You safe in the Cloud?

With individuals and companies now using cloud-based services for data backups, it is good to consider the risks involved. Even if a cloud-based backup company says your data is encrypted in transit and while it is stored, how is the backup company...  [Read More]

Cloud Computing As A Public Utility

Is Cloud Computing Raining On Cyber Security? Cloud Computing is one of the latest buzzwords to hit the IT world. In a world that is dominated by its buzzwords, Cloud technology is making a big enough splash that the concept is worth...  [Read More]