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Cybersecurity’s role in the modern military

The inclusion of new technologies has increased the need for cyberdefenses across military devices, especially because of the vital roles cybersecurity plays in the modern military....  [Read More]

Cybersecurity professionals are the future of the Department of Defense

After several major data breeches, the Department of Defense revealed a new cybersecurity strategy. This plan calls for an increase in the number of cybersecurity professionals....  [Read More]

Another government hack escalates the need for cybersecurity employees

Just one month after the Office of Personnel Management breach, the U.S. government sustained another cyberattack....  [Read More]

NIST Recommends International Engagement on Cybersecurity Standards

Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the draft report of the National Security Council Cyber Interagency Policy Committee working group on standardization of cybersecurity.  The report to Congress is a requirement of the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act...  [Read More]

Pentagon Under Attack….Again!

Hardly a week goes by without news of ‘bad actors’ attacking some business or government agency. One would think that by now these businesses and agencies would have invested in cybersecurity and found a way to close the gates on hackers. Recently...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity in the 2016 Election

Cybersecurity has become a central focus in the present digital landscape. According to AdWeek, there has been a 176 percent increase in the number of cyberattacks since 2010. As hackers grow more confident and improve their infiltration techniques, companies, individuals and the government run the...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity and the 2016 election

Cybersecurity has become a central focus in the present digital landscape....  [Read More]

Drip Turns into a Flood

The cyber breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has finally resulted in the resignation of Katherine Archuleta as Director of that agency. According to news reports she offered her resignation to President Obama today and it was accepted by him....  [Read More]

FTC Data Security Tools for Businesses

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) primary focus is to protect American consumers. One of the many ways they do this is to provide education to businesses on topics such as data security. The FTC recently released a great tool for businesses –...  [Read More]

Federal, state governments struggling with cybersecurity expertise

Agencies at the state and federal levels are having significant difficulties attracting and retaining sufficient numbers of qualified cybersecurity personnel....  [Read More]