Cyber Threats

Attack from the Inside

A good amount has been written about the cyber attack that was launched at SONY’s digital network recently. There have been charges and counter charges about exactly who is behind the attacks with many fingers pointing at North Korea as the culprits....  [Read More]

The Enterprise Strikes Back! The Question of Cyber-Attack Retaliation by Private Companies

‘Yes! We want to get ‘em back! They hacked our network and that has cost our company millions of dollars!’ That is probably how many seasoned CIO, CTO or other members of a company’s C-Suite would like to respond after a major...  [Read More]

5 Ways to Improve an Insider Threat Program

Insider threats do not seem to get the same press as a breach at Target or Sony, but as the Robert Hanssen and Edward Snowden cases demonstrated, they are equally as important. The following are 5 ways organizations can improve upon their...  [Read More]

Cyber Security, the Movies, and North Korea

In reviewing the events of the past few weeks regarding the major cybersecurity breech at Sony Pictures a number of lessons can be learned and perhaps some new precedents have been set. First the lessons: 1. Hack me once, shame on you....  [Read More]

Has the Alarm Finally Gone Off?

The recent cyber breach at SONY took on a new and terrifying turn of events this week with hacker terrorists threatening to do harm to the audience where the film ‘The Interview’ was scheduled to be shown. The hackers, known as the...  [Read More]

Spinning Out of Control

One has to wonder just where all the hacking is going to lead. Nothing it seems is safe any longer. Major retailers, SONY, the White House, banks, defense contractors, government agencie–all seem to have been vulnerable to one degree or another to...  [Read More]

3 Key Lessons for Small Businesses After the Sony Pictures Attack

The recent cyber-attack on Sony Pictures has severe repercussions to small businesses as well as large corporations. This latest attack was not only malicious (aka stealing data), it was destructive. Data and actual products, in this case movies were stolen, and reports...  [Read More]

It’s Not Good to be in this Top Ten list!

The FBI has issued their latest Top 10 most wanted cyber criminals. 1.Nicolea Popescu- This 34-year-old Romanian is accused of duping Americans with fake auction posts on several websites, including and 2.Dumitru Daniel Bosogioiu- Partnered with Nicolea Popescu. 3.Evgeniy Mikhailovich...  [Read More]

Shoulder Surfing

I was in a tourist area not long ago and needed to use an ATM. I went to the bank I usually go to in that area, bypassed the outside walkup and used the inside machine. On exiting I suddenly felt like...  [Read More]

Drupal Risk for Small Business Websites

Oh no – another cyber-attack that small businesses need to worry about. Last week’s news that Drupal had a significant bug hit the media. Drupal is an open source website software with a significant number of installations. Large corporate sites as well...  [Read More]