Cyber Threats

Who are the hidden faces of Cyber Talent?

As Veterans Day comes to a close, and everyone has enjoyed the day with their veteran of choice; a sister or brother, uncle, father, and son. I ponder on my family of veterans; the service they contributed, and wonder where there career...  [Read More]

Senate Passes Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)

Last night Senators from both sides of the aisle voted overwhelmingly (74-21) in support of the long debated and delayed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act – aka CISA . The measure will continue to circulate the hill for further discussion among legislators, but...  [Read More]

New Plastic on the Way!

The next credit card you get in the mail is one that you certainly want to put in your wallet. No, it’s not a new offer from a bank or a replacement for a lost, stolen or hacked card, it is the...  [Read More]

Insider Breach Costs AT&T $25 Million

Insider Breach costs AT&T $25 Million AT&T is paying a hefty price – $25 million – for call center employees in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines who accessed personally identifiable information from 278,000 customer accounts without authorization. The Federal Communications Commission says...  [Read More]

Hacktivism and Blackmail a New Twist

Breaches of the digital systems of big box companies is nothing new in the society we live in. In fact, most cyber breaches are now greeted with a collective yawn by the general public. Another breach, another new credit card in the...  [Read More]

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Attacks Requires Some Thinking

The issues and concerns related cybersecurity, especially in the nuclear industry seems to grow larger with every working day. As soon as one threat is dealt with, a new one seems to emerge. As a result of this, the resources, personnel, and...  [Read More]

Is Every Threat an Insider Threat?

Mandiant, a leading cybersecurity firm wrote in their “Threat Landscape” report that every data breach investigated, I am talking 100% here, was a result of stolen credentials.  This leaves me to conclude that every threat, if this is true, is a form...  [Read More]

Say Ahhh….Cyber Attacks on Health Care Insurers Continues

It would appear that hackers have found a rich new source of data to be mined – Health Care Insurers. Insurance giant Anthem had the records of approximately 80 million customers exposed when hackers breached their digital system in February of this...  [Read More]

Your Prescription for Good Cyber Hygiene

Keep your computer software up to date.  The patches and updates should be installed as soon as possible.  They fix known problems.  Criminals are more than happy to use old exploits to access your computer. This includes the operating system (Windows XP...  [Read More]

iPhone….Still Safe…For Now

I was a bit shocked to read the headline at CNN.Money…..”More than 225,000 Apple iPhone accounts hacked”. Shocked because while mobile devices not using the Apple platform are commonly hacked…we all know what platform we are speaking of…the iPhone has resisted attack....  [Read More]