Cyber Threats

Who’s Controlling your Vehicle?

As a blog follow up to the Black Hat 2014 Conference in Las Vegas, I had promised to cover the presentation where researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had named the most hackable cars in 2014. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have...  [Read More]

Trust Us. . . . No Data was Lost

Word comes today that has been hacked by a person or person’s unknown. Reports indicate that the initial breach occurred in early June but went undetected until recently when IT specialists scanning the logs manually noted the issue. According to government...  [Read More]

Home Depot Repairs after Cyber Attack

Yet another retailer has been hacked and everyone involved in the incident is scrambling to determine the amount of damage done. Home Depot announced Tuesday that it is cooperating with investigators to determine if and when the breach occurred in their system....  [Read More]

Beware of Clicking that Destination on the Map!

Okay, everyone uses Google Maps. It is because we do not want to get lost trying to get to our destinations. However, what if there is a particular destination in which you would like to visit? Say, a place for dining out...  [Read More]

Law Firms Not Exempt from Cyber Breaches

Nearly every organization is subject to cyber attacks and the loss of sensitive information that can result. Law firms are no exception. A great deal of sensitive material is naturally kept within the files of law firms around the nation, both in...  [Read More]

What If Your Password Is Compromised?

Co-Authored by NCI Fellows James Antonakos and Scott Gilreath We’ve been hearing a lot lately about passwords being compromised and stolen by hacker. But what happens if your password is stolen? Sometimes nothing happens. The hacker just wanted the challenge of breaking it. Other times the...  [Read More]

Backoff Malware Strikes Merchants

A new zero day malware has been reported to be at large in the digital community. The Secret Service and the DHS reports that this new malware called “Backoff” was uncovered by the security firm Trustwave and has infected as many as...  [Read More]

Change Your Password….TODAY!

Those Russian backed hackers in Eastern Europe have done it again…and set what appears to be a record for an Internet data heist. According to yesterday’s news reports, an amazing 1.2 billion….yes billion with a “B”…personal data accounts, passwords, and usernames have been collected...  [Read More]

Suspicion of International Hacker Connections Deepen

The suspicions of support and cooperation between international state sponsored hacking groups and terrorist groups continues to mount as a result of the ongoing Israel/Hamas military action. Last week reports indicated that as the conflict escalated so did the cyber attacks on...  [Read More]

International Connections?

The evidence has been growing to implicate the Chinese government for cyber attacks in various parts of the world, especially against the US. Not long ago several Chinese individuals were indicted by the US government for cyber crimes against American organizations. This...  [Read More]