Cyber Threats

Lack of cybersecurity talent poses major threat for national security

The single most important cybersecurity issue facing the U.S. is quite possibly a lack of talent....  [Read More]

China’s new rules: Give us the keys or stay home?

China’s new rules: Give us the keys or stay home? China has proposed new rules for tech companies doing business in the Chinese banking and telecommunications sectors. The new requirements demand that tech companies providing equipment or software for use in Chinese...  [Read More]

Black, White and …….Grey

Black, White and….Grey Have you ever heard of white, black and grey in respect to cyber security? Those are the colors that we relate to in cybersecurity–the three colors that describe the ‘hats’ worn by hackers. The colors harken back to the...  [Read More]

A Silver Lining

The media has been all aflutter lately with regard to Hillary Clinton and her ‘private’ email accounts. A great many questions are being raised, tongues are wagging, insults flying, tempers flaring on talk shows, and from time to time someone actually asks...  [Read More]

What Small Businesses Need to Know about FREAK Attacks

Last week’s news brought concerning information about a major flaw called FREAK that impacts the security of web servers and browsers. If you are running a HTTPS website, you need to take action. You also need to protect yourself if you visit...  [Read More]

The Enormity of the Cyber Problem

There have been many recent articles about point solutions to the cyber threat – buy this tool, and you’ll be safe, or contract this service and you’ll be immune. It is critical that leadership understand that the problem is far larger than...  [Read More]

Insider Threats at Airports

As I am traveling this week I am observing the activities of employees at the airports I pass through. What I’ve seen has worried me a bit and has made me think about the insider threat at airports. For instance, pilots and...  [Read More]

How Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable to Insider Threat

While the insider threat in government agencies and large companies is a known problem, less is known about the insider threat to critical US infrastructure, such as water purification or nuclear power plants. To illustrate the nature of the threats, here are...  [Read More]

China and Cybersecurity

Jon Lindsay recently published an interesting article in the Winter 2014/2015 edition of the journal International Security. The article provides an in-depth and balanced assessment of the issues surrounding China and its activities involving the internet and cybersecurity. Lindsay correctly points out...  [Read More]

Defending and Protecting in Cybersecurity? More Funding Is Needed

In the wake of all of the cyber attacks, big box store breaches, bank breaches and cyber espionage there are other organizations that are at war with these bad actors in cyber space. The cybersecurity industry is only focused now on big...  [Read More]