Infrastructure Protection

Interceptor, High Tech Hackers are in the Towers!

Well, there is someone intercepting your data while you drive along in your auto on the interstate. Who? Well, we don’t know that answer! Yes, it has been reported that there are so called rogue cell phone towers that are popping up...  [Read More]

The Plight of Exhuming or Burying Digital Remains

As concerns over digital privacy grow there has been much debate on the digital past-life of the now deceased. How does one access once private accounts well protected by users when alive but now dead? Until now, you would only have such...  [Read More]

Use USB Only for Personal Use!

I saw some great advice in an article about USB – pretend they are your toothbrush and share accordingly. USBs are amazing devices and the amount you can store on them is equally impressive. They can also be the source of untold...  [Read More]

Rogue IT – you can’t protect what you don’t know about:

Today’s tools and software as a service make high powered, widely deployed capabilities possible without the involvement of the Information Technology or Information Security groups within your organization. These types of activities may be very effective in terms of speed, but may...  [Read More]

BLOG Utility hacked: Keeping our guard up

Reuters News recently reported that a major utility had been the target of hackers and that inroads had been made into the utilities control system network. According to Reuters the sophisticated group of hackers had compromised the network, but there did not...  [Read More]

Cloud Computing As A Public Utility

Is Cloud Computing Raining On Cyber Security? Cloud Computing is one of the latest buzzwords to hit the IT world. In a world that is dominated by its buzzwords, Cloud technology is making a big enough splash that the concept is worth...  [Read More]