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Breached or Not Breached?

The headline at CNNMoney was troubling – “A list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a Russian Bitcoin forum Wednesday”. Yawn…another hack. Buy it was troubling on several fronts–first that so many Gmail passwords had been stolen and were...  [Read More]

Hackers Strike at More Energy Companies

The relentless attack on the energy sector continued last week when officials in Norway announced that as many as 300 energy-related companies in that country have been hacked by outsiders. The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) said that 50 organizations had been...  [Read More]

RSVP Now for a Special NCI Event

A NCI Symposium Series Event: The Nature of Cyber Warfare Please join us for a special, RSVP only, event on The Nature of Cyber Warfare Tuesday September 16th from 9:00am – 11:30am to discuss the changing meaning of cyber security, the intersection...  [Read More]

Free Course for Engineering Technology Professionals Now Open

The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College is offering a free, non-credit, 8-week online, self-paced, introductory course in cyber security entitled: Professionals. Registration for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) opened on September 1. The course begins on September 15. According to...  [Read More]

Excelsior Grad Named NCI Fellow

Dr. Jane LeClair, COO of Excelsior College’s National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) is pleased to announce that Terry M. Evans has been appointed an NCI Fellow. The NCI is an academic and research center located in Washington D.C. dedicated to assisting government, industry,...  [Read More]

Excelsior’s New MOOC: An Introduction to Cybersecurity

A free, Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by Excelsior College’s National Institute of Cybersecurity aims to introduce educators, professionals and the general public to the evolving field of cyber operations and security. Throughout the course, “Introduction to Cybersecurity” (Register), which begins on September 22, 2014, students...  [Read More]

Call for Abstracts & Papers

The National Cybersecurity Institute Journal is currently extending a call for abstracts & papers, including book and software reviews, editorials and commentary in all areas of cybersecurity that contribute to understanding the issues associated with cybersecurity. The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior...  [Read More]

Center for Technology Leadership

Professional development plays a critical role in preparing you for advancement. In this highly competitive, resource-constrained, global environment, how do you set yourself apart? This is the only training I have attended that I would label as transformational; I am a better...  [Read More]

A Start At Securing Our Vital Assets

On February 12, 2014 the Obama Administration issued an Executive Order titled “Improving Critical infrastructure Cybersecurity”.  According to the order a cyber security framework will be developed that “…shall include a set of standards, methodologies, procedures, and processes that align policy, business,...  [Read More]

Excelsior College Cyber Student Wins Competition

Each year the National Cyber League holds sponsored events, challenges and competitions that highlight the skills of upcoming cyber security experts. This year Anna Truss, who graduates from Excelsior College in December, demonstrated her skills by placing first in her regional event and in sixth place...  [Read More]