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A Call for Abstracts and Papers

A CALL FOR ABSTRACTS & PAPERS National Cybersecurity Institute Journal Special Issue—The Role of Community Colleges in Developing the Cybersecurity Workforce National Cybersecurity Institute Journal, in collaboration with the National CyberWatch Center, is extending a special issue call for abstracts and papers...  [Read More]


Happy! It’s rather hard to believe, but 30 years have now passed since the first .com domain name was registered on March 15, 1985. Fittingly, it was registered to Symbolics – naturally enough a computer manufacturer headquartered in Massachusetts back in...  [Read More]

A Silver Lining

The media has been all aflutter lately with regard to Hillary Clinton and her ‘private’ email accounts. A great many questions are being raised, tongues are wagging, insults flying, tempers flaring on talk shows, and from time to time someone actually asks...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives Available on Amazon!

Did you know your car can be hacked? Your medical device? Your employer’s HVAC system? Are you aware that bringing your own device to work may have security implications? Consumers of digital technology are often familiar with headline-making hacks and breaches, but...  [Read More]

It Starts so Early and so Innocently…

I read a few days ago about a young person who breached the cybersecurity of his high school computer system and changed his grades. He was caught and charged as an adult with forgery, computer trespass, unauthorized use of a computer, computer...  [Read More]

China and Cybersecurity

Jon Lindsay recently published an interesting article in the Winter 2014/2015 edition of the journal International Security. The article provides an in-depth and balanced assessment of the issues surrounding China and its activities involving the internet and cybersecurity. Lindsay correctly points out...  [Read More]

President Obama at Stanford University Cybersecurity Summit

It would appear that the issue of cyber security has finally been brought front and center into the national spotlight. Recently, President Obama traveled to Stanford University to participate and deliver remarks at the ‘White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection’...  [Read More]

Executive Order on Cybersecurity: Billion-Dollar Bank Heist

It was another exciting week in cybersecurity. Last Friday, February the 13th, the White House and Silicon Valley leaders met at Stanford University for a discussion on cybersecurity and consumer protection. The meeting focused on measures that could be taken to improve...  [Read More]

Government Cyber Agency Will Be Here Shortly!

Well, it’s about time that we all started sharing! In an effort to get every government agency on board and to continue the build out of several post 9/11 command and control centers, the Obama Administration announced this month, the creation of...  [Read More]

Cars, the Internet of Things, and Cyber Risk

A newly released report by Senator Ed Markey(D) of Massachusetts highlights the risk of wireless hacking into the control systems of new cars. New cars may contain as many as a hundred million lines of code. The newest and most advanced fighter,...  [Read More]