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In recent months there have been many protests both in The United States and abroad in regards to the African American community’s interest in police brutality and excessive force allegations. Recent cases, such as The Michael Brown case in Ferguson in Saint...  [Read More]

How Will Predictive Policing Impact Society in the Future?

Our Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives Derek A. Smith joined RT America yesterday to discuss predictive policing and how it could imapct us in the future. How do you think it will impact out freedom of speech and civil liberties?...  [Read More]

Biometrics: Are we Giving Too Much Away?

Amongst the tekkie community there has been some discussion of Google’s proposal to incorporate biometrics into its product line…including Google Glass. For those not familiar with Google Glass, they are a pair of high tech ‘glasses’ or head mounted displays (HMD) that...  [Read More]

The Plight of Exhuming or Burying Digital Remains

As concerns over digital privacy grow there has been much debate on the digital past-life of the now deceased. How does one access once private accounts well protected by users when alive but now dead? Until now, you would only have such...  [Read More]

Handle Sensitive Information Differently

If you have highly sensitive information, think about an entirely different way of handling it from your normal email, collaboration, and other systems. If it is the kind of information that can cost you an immense amount if it is compromised, it...  [Read More]

Lessons Learned From a Password Manager

Have you always wondered about using that online password management system that you keep seeing advertised on websites you visited? Or do you already use a web based online password manager account to store all of your complicated passwords that you usually...  [Read More]

Taking a Bite out of Cybercrime at Restaurants

Another well known business has reported a cyber breach, this time the well known Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s. The business confirms the breach and indicates that cards used between March and May of this year may be compromised. In this case...  [Read More]

Is Your Social Media Profile Protected Against Hacking?

Hacking is an unfortunate fact of life today. If you have an email address, a social media account, a website, or use any type of online services, you are vulnerable to hacking. Anyone who has been using the internet for a period...  [Read More]

Empowering People to Protect Their Online Privacy

Terrorism and counter-intelligence, the meaning of those words have dramatically changed over the past twenty years…people generally don’t think of terrorism when they think of cyber, but they should.” – Special Agent Daniel Elfin, Special Agent, FBI, January 29, 2013 while speaking...  [Read More]