Threat Intelligence

Hanging Out in The Underground!

Recently, things have not been going so well in cyber space. There have been a lot of cybersecurity breaches in the banking and business communities. One of the major breaches that has just occurred and is still on-going is the Sony Entertainment...  [Read More]

NCI’s Black Hat 2014 Wrap Up

On Tuesday, 5 August, the Black Hat 2014 training sessions were being wrapped up during the evening sessions. There were a number of topics that security experts were attending during the first couple of weeks of Black Hat 2014. I attended a...  [Read More]

Cyber-Intelligence Gathering Can Stave Off Attacks

Being aware of all the emerging threats and newly discovered vulnerabilities, along with updates on new and existing adversaries, is an important tool in your defense in depth strategy.   Many attacks are repeated on unwitting organizations that didn’t incorporate emerging news into...  [Read More]

Do you know where your critical data is?

You are probably doing all you can and more to build in network and application security in your organization, working to minimize the threat of a devastating cyber attack that can result in brand damage, financial loss, or compromise of key intellectual...  [Read More]

Chinese caught in cookie jar….but what now?

On Monday, May 25th the United States Justice Department officially indicted five people in the Chinese military for spying on US businesses. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “This is a case alleging economic espionage by members of the Chinese military and...  [Read More]

We Had Fair Warning

The TJ Maxx cyber breach of 2007 sounded the warning bell to consumers and retailers that the security of credit card sales was in question. Upwards of 40 million customers were put at risk with that breach. Since then retailers have dutifully upgraded their security...  [Read More]