Center for Technology Leadership

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Professional development plays a critical role in preparing you for advancement. In this highly competitive, resource-constrained, global environment, how do you set yourself apart?

This is the only training I have attended that I would label as transformational;
I am a better leader and a greater asset to my employer for having attended this course.
Kurt Ashley, CIO, Thiel College

The Technology Leadership program is designed to help you:
• Develop a realistic and actionable career plan
• Identify your strengths and address skills and knowledge gaps
• Network with CIOs and your peers in IT leadership
• Provide leadership for strategic transformational change
• Tackle security and compliance issues, IT governance challenges, and policy development

Join us April 21-25 in Washington, DC for a chance to participate in a program designed by CIOs for aspiring CIOs.

Register by March 31st to receive a 10% discount on the program fee. Scholarships are also available to help cover the cost of attending.

Visit to register. For more information, email, or call us at 888-343-9267.

The future is upon us, why wait?