More Women in Cyber

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womenFor many years the computer field was a male’s only domain. Females could only watch over the shoulders of males as they dominated keyboards in classrooms across the nation. Now, comes interesting news!  A recent report by prestigious Carnegie Mellon University seems to indicate that may no longer be the case. According to the university, 40% of incoming students in the computer science sector are now females.

For many years efforts have been made to encourage young women to join the technology field. Those efforts have included high profile role models, mentoring programs, recalibrated guidance counselors in high schools, and enlightened teachers who promote equality in the classroom. All those efforts seem to be finally paying off as enrollments among females have jumped from an average of 21% to the new record high of 40% at Carnegie.

If efforts are made to encourage those new young women to remain in the STEM sector, the outlook for the class of 2018 looks bright!


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Jane is currently the chief operating officer for the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College in Washington, DC. Previously, she served as dean of the school of Business and Technology at Excelsior College in Albany, NY. She is a vocal advocate for attracting and retaining more women in the technology fields and established the Dr. Jane A. LeClair Scholarship Fund for Women in Technology at Excelsior College in 2012.

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