NCI is guest speaker at the Booz | Allen | Hamilton STEM Girls 4 Social Good Event

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Dr. Amelia Estwick, Program Manager, was a guest speaker at Booz | Allen | Hamilton’s STEM Girls 4 Social Good (#SG4SG) week that was held in Washington, DC during July.  The audience comprised of 50 middle school girls, women interns participating in their Summer Games intern program, as well as employee volunteers.

According to Booz | Allen | Hamilton’s STEM Girls 4 Social Good website:

While job market demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) talent continues to grow, the number of women and minorities employed in the STEM fields remains small, with Change the Equation estimating that women hold just 28 percent of STEM positions in the U.S. Women of color fare even worse in the STEM workforce, holding fewer than 20 percent of STEM jobs.

Booz Allen’s STEM Girls 4 Social Good (SG4SG) aims to bridge the talent gap in these growing fields by inviting young women to learn STEM concepts while exploring social good problems.”

For the week the girls focused on cybersecurity principles and awareness with topics on:  password protection, hacking & coding, and geolocation & geotagging to name a few.

Here’s a video capturing the week’s highlights:  Booz | Allen | Hamilton SG4SG Cyber Week



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