NCI joins NSA Day of Cyber on January 28, 2016

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Excelsior College and the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College (NCI) have partnered with the NSA Day of Cyber program to increase awareness of cybersecurity issues and to encourage young students to join the growing ranks of those choosing to enter into the STEM and cybersecurity education.See webinar in full screen

Join this webinar that will introduce you to the workforce needs for trained and educated cyber professionsls, and to the online interactive experience the NSA Day of Cyber offers learners to test drive their future in the cybersecurity field by experiencing a day in the life of numerous NSA cybersecurity personnel.

In addition, you will learn how Excelsior College’s degree and certificate programs allow you to get the knowledge and skills needed to be a part of this exciting field.

Learn how you can take training courses to accelerate your career face-to-face at two Excelsior College locations. Finally, as students or prospective students think about a career in cybersecurity, they will have an opportunity to learn about Data Privacy Day and what that means not only to you but to all citizens.

The NSA Day of Cyber Program is free to teachers, students, learning institutions and organizations in the United States. Interested parties can register by going to The NSA Day of Cyber program will open today and will run all through 2016.

Watch this webinar now to learn how you Learners will be allowed to take a virtual seat beside skilled NSA personnel in the NSA Cyber Threat Center and help solve challenging real-life cyber scenarios. At the conclusion of the program, learners will be awarded both a personalized Cyber Resume, which summarizes their unique experiences, as well as provided detailed course guidelines for Excelsior College cyber degree programs.