Building the Government’s Cyber Workforce: Challenges and Solutions

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Building the Government’s Cyber Workforce: Challenges and Solutions

Like the private sector, the government is challenged today to educate a cybersecurity workforce to, among other things, understand the various Risk Management Framework methodologies, data analytics, and generate the neccessary metrics to leverage as feedback to further foster training and education opportunities for the workforce. Join us to listen to subject matter experts speak about the challenges, and how they are being addressed.

Facilitator: Dr. Amelia Estwick, Program Manager, Cybersecurity, NCI


  • Shawn Henry, President, Crowdstrik/Former Asst. FBI Director, Cyber Investigations
  • Renee Forney, Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), US Dept. of Energy

Celebrating National Cybersecurity Month 2016

The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College is pleased to announce its 2016 Cybersecurity Month activities. The purpose of this speaker’s series is to highlight key issues facing information assurance & security in some of our most important industry sectors. During the months of October and November, we will feature panel discussions with cyber experts in the finance, telecommunications, energy/utility, health care, and government arenas. These events are open to the public, educators, students, and all who are interested in the cyber defense issues that we are facing today.


The NCI is shaping a coordinated effort to build the cybersecurity workforce and influence an informed leadership base that implements cutting-edge cybersecurity policy. The NCI will target the development of effective cybersecurity practice in specific sectors, including health care, finance, utilities/energy, telecommunications, and education/training. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security designated Excelsior College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education, a recognition which extends through 2019. NCI will target the development of effective cybersecurity practice and increase knowledge of cybersecurity to help meet workforce demands with analysis of specific sectors.