30 January 2014

Tech and Women


A recent article by Ann Friedman in the Washington Post “Tech women are busy building their own networks”, prompted me to reflect on how things are progressing in the movement to get more females into cybersecurity and STEM. We’ve all read the articles how there are so few women in technology and there is pay inequality. Heck, I’ve even written a few of them in the past. But…..one of the respondents to the online article said that ‘she’ was tired of reading about women whining about the imbalance and the poor treatment of women in tech and that we should move past it. And that got me to recalling what a notable black actor is quoted as having said…. “I’ll stop calling you a white man if you stop calling me a black man”. Perhaps it is time to stop putting labels on people and perhaps start thinking of each other as just another ‘person’ with skills and abilities that can benefit an organization. Yes, there are fewer women in technology, yes, there is a pay inequity and yes, women tend to band together in one corner of a conference gathering and commiserate. But let’s face it, we are all in this together and we ALL need to band together and start solving the myriad of issues that our organizations, our nation and our planet are facing. The time for gender bias is over…it’s time to move forward as a team, not so many females and so many males…but as one.