Use USB Only for Personal Use!

Use USB for personal use only

I saw some great advice in an article about USB – pretend they are your toothbrush and share accordingly. USBs are amazing devices and the amount you can store on them is equally impressive. They can also be the source of untold infections of malware and other debilitating information. If you have to use them, do so very sparingly, and think about disposing of them.

We’ve all been conditioned that a USB is reusable, permanent piece of equipment, and early prices supported that model. USB sticks are very inexpensive these days, so if you have to loan one, don’t take it back after use. This type of cyber-hygiene will go a long way toward keeping you safe. If you are a parent, keep your USB sticks locked up, and if your children need one, same rule – don’t recycle into the family inventory. You can pay now or pay later!

Contributed by Pete O'Dell  [all posts]

Pete O'Dell is a business and technology consultant who has been involved with information technology and business for over 25 years, working for large organizations such as Digital Equipment Corporation and Microsoft as well as being involved in multiple startup efforts, including Swan Island Networks and Online Interactive.