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Outreach and Events

Cyber Women on Capitol Hill: Women’s Cybersecurity Leadership Symposium – October 2018, Washington, DC
Symposium with professional round table discussions on women’s cybersecurity roles in Washington.

GenCyber Teacher Camp – August 2018, Albany, NY
One-week camp for 6-12th grade educators.

Public Leadership Education Network: Women in Global Policy Seminar – May 2018, Washington, DC
Panel discussions concerning cybersecurity and other topics within the global context.

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) Conference – March 2018, Chicago, IL
Workshops and speakers.

Every Girl Can Learning Institute, Inc. – July 2017, Silver Spring, MD
Savvy STEM Girl Mini Summer Camp for Girls in 5th to 8th Grade.

TechWeekDC 2017 – Sept. 2017, Washington, DC
Panel discussion with women in technology, academia, and industry.

STEMConnector’s Scaling STEM Success Summit – November 2016, Washington, DC content

Webinars & Podcasts

Avaya & Alliance Technology Group Webcast – July 2017
Learn why a “Three-Prong Approach to Security” is necessary in today’s ever-changing technology landscape. You will learn how this approach seamlessly connects physical, network and cyber systems, and understand why each component plays a vital role in a comprehensive security strategy.

Cybersecurity 101 – R.I.S.E. Series: Data Breach & Business Planning Continuity – August 2016
The Data Breach Planning & Business Continuity webinar examined the costs of a data breach occurring, continuity planning, and an action plan for cyber attack response before, during, and after an incident.

Cybersecurity 101 – R.I.S.E. Series: Mobile & Wireless Security – July 2016
This webinar examined mobile security and wireless network security threats. Attendees of the webinar learnt more about how to successfully mitigate these threats.

Cybersecurity 101 – R.I.S.E. Series: Computer & Application Security – May 2016
Attendees learned about the basics of computer operating system architecture. They were introduced to some of the most prevalent web vulnerabilities and attacks. Additionally, this webinar discussed preventative security measures, as well as a number of defensive measures for thwarting attacks.

Insider Threat – User Behavior Analytics – April 2016
The webinar provided a brief look at the insider threat problem from the beginning down to modern times and also discussed how User Behavior Analytics can efficiently and effectively address Insider Threats.

Center for Academic Excellence – Knowledge Unit Mapping Series – Part 2 – April 2016
This webinar focused on Basic Data Analysis, Introductory Programming, and Fundamental Security Design Principles and what Excelsior College is doing to assure learners have the proper skills to be outstanding members of the Cybersecurity workforce.

Mentoring Women and Minorities in Cybersecurity – Discovering Your Role – March 2016
The webinar discussed questions like: Where do you fit in this new matrix of skills? How do you access the people that can help you solidify your career path in Cyber Security?

President Obama’s National Cybersecurity Action Plan of 2016 – March 2016
This webinar examined the details of the proposal and assessed the possibility of enacting significant improvements in U.S. cybersecurity.

Center for Academic Excellence – Knowledge Unit Mapping – February 2016
This webinar focused on Cyber Defense and Cyber Threats and what Excelsior College is doing to assure learners have the proper skills to be outstanding members of the Cybersecurity workforce.

Implementing the Cybersecurity Framework – February 2016
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure on February 12, 2014. This webinar looked at the cybersecurity framework and  discussed how its implementation improves an organization’s cybersecurity.

Why HCISPP? – January 2016
Watch this webinar to learn more about what the HCISPP certification is about, what it covers, why it is important, job titles that would look for this certification, and the structure of the exam.

Why CISSP? – January 2016
Watch this webinar to learn more about what the CISSP certification is about, what it covers, why it is important, job titles that would look for this certification, and the structure of the exam.

Why CISO? – January 2016
Watch this webinar to learn more about what the C|CISO certification is about, what it covers, why it is important, job titles that would look for this certification, and the structure of the exam.

Privacy, Encryption, and National Security – January 2016
This webinar looked at several of the issues surrounding surveillance, encryption, social media and the implications for national security in an age of global terrorism.

Cybersecurity and Food & Agriculture – December 2015
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has labeled the Food and Agriculture industry as one of the 16 national critical infrastructures. This webinar focused on the issues the Food and Agriculture industry currently faces in addition to how cybersecurity fits into the equation.

Security of Healthcare Data in the Cloud – December 2015
This webinar helped participants gain an understanding of the basic questions they need to ask vendors before committing to moving data into the cloud.

CyberCIEGE – Using an Educational Video Game to Teach Cybersecurity – October 2015
The webinar introduced the major elements of CyberCIEGE, and included a live demonstration of one of its many scenarios.  It also talked about the developer kit and customizable options to tailor the game to specific institutional needs.

Cybersecurity and Government – Federal, State, and Local – September 2015
The webinar addressed the unique issues of cybersecurity at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Cybersecurity in the Commercial Facilities Sector – September 2015
Our commercial facilities are constantly under assault by bad actors. The webinar offered expertise on how seriously they are taking the issue and what steps are being taken to secure commercial data.

Cybersecurity in Transportation – September 2015
This webinar examines the emerging cybersecurity vulnerabilities resulting from radical changes in the functionality of devices and systems through the internet of things (IoT) relating to transportation systems. The rise of the shared economy and the arrival of driverless automobiles and aerial vehicles will bring even more challenges.

File System Forensics – August 2015
In this webinar, the characteristics of several different file systems and their host operating systems were presented and examined.

International Law and the Use of Force in Cyberspace – August 2015
The webinar looked at the current international understanding of the use of force in cyberspace, the implications for military policy, and the rules of “hacking back.”

Cybersecurity in Education and Training – July 2015
This webinar covered the highlights of chapter seven of, “Protecting Our Future: Educating A Cybersecurity Workforce” published in 2013 by Hudson Whitman/ Excelsior College Press, entitled, “Cybersecurity in Education and Training,” from workforce definition to development, from global to local, from theoretical education to hands-on-training, from government to private sector roles and responsibilities the ever changing landscape of this dynamic and critical field.

Cybersecurity and Healthcare – July 2015
This webinar explored possible solutions and made recommendations concerning how to implement and complement cybersecurity in healthcare.

Human Hacking; The Art of Social Engineering – July 2015
During this informational webinar, the latest threats and solutions for organizations to defend themselves against the art of human manipulation were presented.

Data Breach Planning and Business Continuity – June 2015
This webinar examined the costs of a data breach occurring, continuity planning and an action plan for cyber attack response before, during, and after an incident.

The New U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity Strategy – June 2015
This webinar identified implications of the new strategy, highlighted the changes from previous U.S. government strategy, and discussed the implications for the private sector and foreign nations.

Cybersecurity Webinar: So you want to be a Pentester? – June 2015
The webinar described the knowledge, skills, and methodology utilized while performing a penetration test, the pros and cons of both white box and black box tests, as well as why penetration tests are necessary and what to do with the results.

Introduction to Cybersecurity: Mobile & Wireless Security – May 2015
This webinar examined mobile security and wireless network security threats, and how to successfully mitigate these threats.

Boardroom Implications Regarding Cybersecurity & Cyber Liability Insurance – May 2015
Without board oversight and a corresponding risk management protocol, organizations could face disruptive or catastrophic losses that threaten their very existence. This webinar shed the light on this situation and reviewed suggestions for risk management including a review of Cyber Liability Insurance.

Social Media and Law Enforcement – May 2015
Terrorist groups are using social media to reach multinational audiences in order to spread their ideology, target disenfranchised youth, and encourage domestic terrorism. During the webinar, attendees learned more about the challenges and the ways local, county, and state law enforcement have used social media as an education and crime fighting tool to combat terrorism in their communities.

Introduction to Cybersecurity: Network Security – April 2015
Network security is based on three elements: people, processes, and technology. We have to assure securing all these together to provide optimal network security. During the webinar, attendees learned more about networking concepts, network attacks, and network defenses.

Information Risk Management in Healthcare: “At any cost …really?” – April 2015
The webinar introduced the overall architecture of a good information risk management program. It also addressed the concepts behind mitigation of findings – what do you do when you discover you have a problem?

Cyber Forensics – April 2015
During the webinar, attendees explored the different topic areas associated with this important field. Techniques and procedures for collecting, preserving, and transporting digital evidence, performing a forensic analysis of digital evidence, and preparing a forensic report of the analysis findings that is suitable for use in court were covered.

Key Steps After a Data Breach – March 2015
Attendees of the webinar learned about key steps a small business can take to reduce the pain of a data breach, legal issues after a data breach, what to tell the media, customers, and vendors after a data breach occurs, in addition to ways that may help reduce chances of a future attack.

Doing Business Overseas, What Changes on the Cyber Front? – March 2015
The webinar examined a number of the issues and differences in doing business internationally from a cybersecurity point of view. Issues like the variation in legal systems, privacy concerns, and protection of intellectual property impact business operations outside of the United States. This webinar offered some insights to consider when exploring opportunities to expand overseas.

Introduction to Cybersecurity: Web Security – March 2015
During the webinar, attendees learned about basic concepts of security while using the Internet.

The New Law Enforcement Threat – CYBERCRIME – March 2015

Cyber Insurance – January 2015
This webinar covers what you get from cyber liability insurance – and what you don’t.

Operating System Under Attack – February 2015
During the webinar, attendees learned how an operating system works and what makes it vulnerable to attack. They were also introduced to some ways for protecting an operating system.

Introduction to Cybersecurity: Computer & Application Security – February 2015
During the webinar, attendees learned about the basics of computer operating system architecture.  They were also introduced to some of the most prevalent web vulnerabilities and attacks. Additionally, this webinar discussed preventative security measures as well as a number of defensive measures for thwarting attacks.

Introduction to Cybersecurity: Personal & Physical Security – January 2015
During the webinar, attendees learned more about threats to their identity, devices, and data. These threats include social engineering attacks, malicious software, eavesdropping, and physical threats to personal security such as fires, disaster, and theft. The webinar also demonstrated to participants how they are vulnerable to these attacks and how to develop good practices to protect against them.

International Cooperation to Fight Cybercrime – January 2015
The webinar addressed the role of international cooperation in responding to cybercrime. It discussed the Council of Europe Convention on Cyber Crime (Budapest Convention), the role of the 24/7 Network of National Cybercrime Points of Contact, and role of legal attaches in mutual legal assistance (MLAT). The webinar also addressed the strengths and weaknesses of international cooperation through case studies.

Cybersecurity: Implications for Nursing Professions – January 2015
During the webinar, attendees were introduced to the impact of cybersecurity issues in healthcare and to the financial implications of cybersecurity as well as their impact on patient care. Participants were also encouraged to join the cybersecurity process within their organization and industry.

The Big Picture of Cybersecurity – December 2014
During the webinar, attendees learned who are the attackers, what they want, and what they do with the stolen data. They also were introduced to the major areas of cybersecurity, including personal, physical, application, network, wireless, and web security.

The Path of Infection – December 2014
The webinar provided details on how malicious code is spread using an infected email attachment that runs a Visual Basic script designed to download a Windows executable file from a website, run it, and open the computer up for additional malicious downloads, as well as some data exfiltration.

Potential for Change in Internet Governance and Implications for International Cybersecurity Policy – November 2014
The webinar highlighted the current debate on Internet governance and the implications on cybersecurity at the international level, knowing that the United States has indicated its desire to further develop control of the IANA function and that Brazil hosted Net Mundial in April 2014 as a global forum on the future of the multi-stakeholder Internet governance model.

An Introduction to Cybersecurity –

Cybersecurity of Medical Devices – October 2014
The webinar discussed the impact that cybersecurity practices have on medical devices, the regulatory pressures and patient safety concerns, the contributions of IT departments and biomedical engineers, and the specific steps an organization can take to manage medical devices’ cybersecurity.

National Cyber Security Strategies in Developing Countries – October 2014
The webinar assessed the current developments at an international level and highlighted the emerging best practices in cybersecurity policy development.

Malware Analysis – October 2014
The webinar showed the steps that are required to capture and analyze malware. It also examined tools and skills needed to perform malware analysis.

Cyber Security for Small Businesses – September 2014
The webinar touched upon many of the hot cyber concerns for small businesses including current cyber threats, what hackers want and why, how to create strong passwords, and the importance of website security.

Current State of Cybersecurity Education in the US & Around the World – September 2014
In the August 2014 edition of IEEE’s Computer magazine, Dr. Ernest McDuffie from NIST and Dr. Victor Piotrowski from NSF authored an article entitled, “The Future of Cybersecurity Education.” The closing sentence of the article states that, “… cybersecurity is the underlying enabler of the STEM disciplines … upon which depends the future economic growth of the entire world.” The webinar informs us why one of the authors-Dr. McDuffie- believes this to be true.

Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare – August 2014
The webinar addressed the challenges in healthcare cyber security especially after the healthcare industry has moved from paper-based records to more digital information transferred electronically; the fact that increased the risk of unauthorized disclosure of protected health information. During the webinar, Murphy pointed out to the importance of having healthcare cyber security professionals who are savvy to compensating controls and alternative measures to mitigate cyber security risk when it comes to managing the varied inventory of networked computers within the healthcare organization.

Nuclear Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Management – August 2014

The webinar addressed the issues of:

  • Supply Chain Management Program
  • NEI 08-09 App. E11 System and Services Acquisition
  • System Development Life Cycle Management
  • Breach Example of Non Conforming Cyber Security Standard
  • Cyber Security Procurement Standard
  • Current Design Modifications: Cyber Security Augmentation
  • Industry Guidance (NIST)

Steganography Webinar – August 2014
The webinar addressed several issues related to Steganography which is a technique for hiding data inside other data, in such a way that you do not suspect there is anything hidden. Learning more on steganography is considered critical as secret hidden information may be malicious in nature, undetectable, and even unreadable.



CCEI Fall Symposium: Attacking the Roots of Cyber (IN)security: The Role of Education – November 2018, Adelphi, MD
Participant – Cyber Center for Education & Innovation (CCEI) hosted by University of Maryland University College

AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium 2017 – June 2017, Baltimore, MD
Moderator/Facilitator – Presentation title: Building the Pipeline of Cybersecurity Professionals

Telecommunications Panel on Cybersecurity – November 2016, Washington, DC
Panel discussion about the threats to network service providers and customers, how to manage cyber risks in a complex, diversified environment; and, how to achieve effective outcomes through public and private partnerships.

Combating Cyber Crime and Protecting National Security – May 2016
Cybersecurity experts Mark Sullivan and Gregory Scovel discuss the ongoing battle against cyber threats to national security and the efforts involved in defeating criminal and terrorist attacks on American computer networks.

Cyber Threats to Africa’s ICT Broadband Infrastructure Deployment – May 2016,
This symposium covered cybersecurity issues facing Africa’s ICT infrastructure networks, benefits of these deployments, and the impact of cyber threats to these networks on Africa’s and U.S. interests.

The Internet of Things (IoT) – February 2016,
The event discussed the positive and negative effects the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on cybersecurity and our daily lives.

Are You Prepared? A Conversation On Cyber Law & Cyber Insurance – October 2015
A Conversation On Cyber Law & Cyber Insurance.

Security in Cyber Space – January 2015
This symposium focuses on cyber global realities, specifically asking how “open” is the Internet and is that medium trending toward a more closed interface?

The Nature of Cyber Warfare – September 2014
Discussion of the changing meaning of cybersecurity, the intersection of US policy, and the protection of private information.


Initiative for Women in Cyber Security (IWICS)

IWICS interviews with:

Jacqueline Tyo – April 2016
Program specialist with Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region.

Devi Momot – March 2016
CEO and Acting CISO of Twinstate Technologies®.

Diana Parr – February 2016
Cybersecurity Technical Leader for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Jivika Govil – January 2016
Information Security professional with experience in Information Technology including international adeptness in cybersecurity.

Tasha Phelps – December 2015
IT industry professional with over 20 years of experience writing, developing, and implementing technical solutions for businesses, and governmental agencies.

Michelle McGhee  – November 2015
Senior Network Security Specialist at Sprint United Telecommunications.

Sherri Ramsay – October 2015
Senior Advisor to the CEO of CyberPoint International.

Dr. Isabel Escobar – September 2015
Professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio.

Pamela Shortt – August 2015
Dean of Business & Information Technologies at Forsyth Technical Community College.

Danyetta Fleming Magana – July 2015
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and founder of Covenant Security Solutions.

Tracy Rager – June 2015
Manager of Networks and Security for the Global Security Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois.

Katherine Pierce – May 2015
Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service assigned to the Cyber Intelligence Section in Washington, DC.

Shonna Dorsey – April 2015
Co-founder and the Managing Director for Interface: the Web School.

Dr. Anne Kohnke – February 2015
Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Lawrence Technological University teaching courses in both information technology and organization development/change management.

Nancy Williams – March 2015
Chief Information Officer at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands.