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NCI Journal

NCIJ CoverThe National Cybersecurity Institute Journal, a peer-reviewed journal, covers topics that appeal to a broad readership within the cybersecurity discipline, with a particular focus on education, training, and workforce development. The manuscripts submitted to the Journal are reviewed for their contribution to the advancement of applied research in the area of cybersecurity.

The NCI Journal is currently not accepting manuscripts at this time.

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Protecting Our Future – Educating a Cybersecurity Workforce (Volumes I & II)

Protecting OurFuture vol 1The two volumes of Protecting Our Future shine a spotlight on operational challenges and needs across the workforce: in military, health care, international relations, telecommunications, finance, education, utilities, government, small businesses, and nonprofits. Contributors offer an assessment of strengths and weaknesses within each subfield, and, with deep subject-matter expertise, they introduce practitioners, as well as those considering a future in cybersecurity, to the challenges and opportunities when building a cybersecurity workforce.

Protecting OurFuture vol 2Volume II completes the comprehensive examination of the cybersecurity threats to our nation’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors begun in Volume I. Subject matter experts offer an in-depth analysis of operational needs and suggest best practices within the remaining sectors: IT, the chemical industry, commercial facilities, manufacturing, water systems and dams, emergency services, food and agriculture, and transportation.

Used separately or together, these two volumes are an excellent foundational resource, and will enable cybersecurity practitioners, students, and employers to gain ground-level insight from experienced professionals, and to develop top-of-mind awareness in the areas most directly impacting the future of our nation’s security.

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Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives

Cybersecurity in Our Digital LivesTwelve experts provide much-needed clarification on the technology behind our daily digital interactions and discuss very real vulnerabilities, make suggestions about what can be done to enhance security, and offer recommendations for best practices. An ideal resource for students, practitioners, employers, and the general consumer of digital products and services.

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