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Dude, where’s my car? Vehicle hacking trends & analysis – #8 in the series

Real World Attack-Key Fob Attack The key fob presents its own set of issues involving its wireless transmission as the mode of communication. The German automobile club ADAC released a report showing... [ read more ]

Dude, where’s my car? Vehicle hacking trends & analysis – #7 in the series

Disclaimer. The disclaimer from the 1st in the series completely applies to this and all further additions to the series of articles. Hardware Attack-Dongle Third parties are reviewing their options as to... [ read more ]

8 Tips for Small Businesses after a Data Breach

Once you receive that dreaded call that your business network has been attacked by a cyber-criminal, you will need to take swift action. Here are eight tips to consider for your business,... [ read more ]

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R.I.S.E. Webinar: Computer & Application Security

Through its partner relationship with the DC Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and St. Elizabeth’s East, Excelsior College and its National Cybersecurity... [ read more ]

Webinar: Insider Threat – User Behavior Analytics

  One April 25, the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College hosted a webinar on “Insider Threat: User Behavior Analytics”. As insider threats... [ read more ]

Webinar: Center for Academic Excellence -Knowledge Unit Mapping Series – Part 2

On April 20, the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) hosted a webinar on “Center for Academic Excellence – Knowledge Unit Mapping – Part 2”. Excelsior College... [ read more ]

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R.I.S.E. Webinar: Data Breach and Planning Continuity

The Data Breach Planning & Business Continuity webinar will examine the costs of a data breach occurring, continuity planning, and an action plan for... [ read more ]

New Pathway Scholarship Program in Cybersecurity at Excelsior College

One of the many valuable supports provided by Excelsior College is their numerous scholarship offerings. Submitting applications for every scholarship available is a wise... [ read more ]

Symposium on Africa’s ICT Broadband Infrastructure Draws Interest

The National Cybersecurity Institute partnered with the Science and Technology Policy Center for Development (STPCD) to offer a symposium on “Cyber Threats on Africa’s ICT... [ read more ]