World Cup Of Cyber Attacks

As the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 moved on to the finals, sponsors, patrons, banks, and organizations suffered significant damage by way of cyber-crime. Brazil’s banks, FIFA World Cup offices, and patrons... [ read more ]

More Women in Cyber

For many years the computer field was a male’s only domain. Females could only watch over the shoulders of males as they dominated keyboards in classrooms across the nation. Now, comes interesting... [ read more ]

Do you know where your critical data is?

You are probably doing all you can and more to build in network and application security in your organization, working to minimize the threat of a devastating cyber attack that can result... [ read more ]

Taking a Bite out of Cybercrime at Restaurants

Another well known business has reported a cyber breach, this time the well known Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s. The business confirms the breach and indicates that cards used between March and... [ read more ]

Rogue IT – you can’t protect what you don’t know about:

Today’s tools and software as a service make high powered, widely deployed capabilities possible without the involvement of the Information Technology or Information Security groups within your organization. These types of activities... [ read more ]

Putter Panda Bites

Putter Panda sounds like a cute name and just saying it can almost bring a smile to your face, until you realize that ‘Putter Panda’ is actually a cover for the ‘People’s... [ read more ]