Building Cyber Resilience

Your organization is going to be attacked/breached by cyber attackers – a recent Fireeye paper put the percentage at 97% – see Cybersecurity’s Maginot Line: A Real-world Assessment of the Defense-in-Depth Model.  The... [ read more ]

Lessons Learned From a Password Manager

Have you always wondered about using that online password management system that you keep seeing advertised on websites you visited? Or do you already use a web based online password manager account... [ read more ]

Outside Validation of Cyber Plans is Vital

It is important to get an outside opinion of your cyber strategy and defenses. While your organizational staff will likely have worked hard and spent long hours building robust cyber defense capabilities, an... [ read more ]

Buying a Ferrari Does Not Make You a Race Car Driver!

There are some very effective tools being sold to help organizations develop their cyber defense-in-depth strategy. Traditional companies have ramped up their offerings, and there are a host of venture-backed startups addressing... [ read more ]

Ho-Hum…the Wall Street Journal is Hacked

The Wall Street Journal announced today that it was shutting down ‘some’ of its online systems due to a breach of its cyber security. Posted at the Journal’s website, writers Gregory... [ read more ]

Torpedo in the water!

We’ve all seen black and white World War II movies where someone detects an incoming threat.  Everyone instantly goes to battle stations to start doing everything possible to immediately respond to the threat.  Organizations... [ read more ]