Federal government increases its focus on cybersecurity

The U.S. government has recently begun to take concrete steps to help companies protect themselves and one another from the growing threat posed by cyber attackers.... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity careers have never been more promising

Growing cyber threats present tremendous career opportunities for aspiring and established cybersecurity professionals.... [ read more ]

Cyber security increasingly needed in health care sector

Hospitals, doctors' offices and other care providers are now collecting a tremendous amount of sensitive information that cyber criminals are eager to steal and use for illicit purposes.... [ read more ]

Growing cloud use presents new cyber security challenges

To embrace the cloud effectively and safely, both a well-crafted strategy and cyber security resources are essential.... [ read more ]

Cyber security among most promising IT career tracks, survey finds

Cyber security professionals are in greater demand than most other IT workers.... [ read more ]

Organizations extremely eager to find more cyber security talent

business leaders are desperate to hire more cyber security professionals, but there simply aren't enough qualified individuals to fill all of these roles. Naturally, this creates huge opportunities for those professionals who... [ read more ]

Tips for Encrypting Data Files.

Tips for Encrypting Data Files Encrypting your data should be a part of your standard cyber security measures. Depending on how sensitive your business data is should dictate how thorough you encrypt... [ read more ]

FBI Warning about WordPress Applies to Small Businesses

FBI Warning about WordPress Applies to Small Businesses The FBI issued an alert April 7, 2015 regarding WordPress vulnerabilities. WordPress is a frequently used website software. Plug-ins, or add-on features, are common,... [ read more ]

Insider Breach costs AT&T $25 Million

Insider Breach costs AT&T $25 Million AT&T is paying a hefty price – $25 million – for call center employees in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines who accessed personally identifiable information from... [ read more ]

More Damage than Theft

More Damage than Theft A recent story in Reuters concerning cyber attacks should have IT administrators quite concerned. According the Reuters story, “A new survey of critical infrastructure organizations in North and... [ read more ]

Recruiting, retaining cyber security talent key for federal government

The federal government will need to make cyber security talent recruitment and retention a key priority in 2015.... [ read more ]

French TV5 Monde Hacked by ISIS

French TV5 Monde Hacked by ISIS The French-language television network TV5Monde suffered a prolonged outage in an attack claimed by ISIS’ “CyberCaliphate” group. While the details of the hack are still unfolding,... [ read more ]

Don’t be held ransom

Don’t be held ransom Many of us are all too familiar with viruses that infect our computers. We load our systems up with antivirus protection and hope we only get hit with... [ read more ]

Tech CFOs boosting cyber security spending

A recent survey revealed chief financial officers in the tech sector significantly increased their cyber security spending last year.... [ read more ]

Are Insider Threats Cybersecurity’s #1 Concern?

Are Insider Threats Cybersecurity’s #1 Concern? There is no doubt that every organization is vulnerable to an insider threat! According to Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report, 93 percent of IT professionals think... [ read more ]