Using Multifactor Authentication to Enhance Access Control

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“Google’s Bug Hunters – The Project Zero Team”

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Do You Trust Your Co-workers: Using Background Checks to Combat the Insider Threat

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Cyber Solution Revealed That May Save You Thousands

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Work Life Balance

Make no mistake about it, when you get involved in the STEM fields, and cyber security in particular, the demands on your time will increase. The reason for this is that there... [ read more ]

Proposed Data Breach Notification Law for Businesses

As could be expected after the Sony Pictures data breach, The White House is again sponsoring a national data breach notification law. Previous attempts to pass legislation have not be successful at... [ read more ]

NCI’s Initiative for Women in Cyber Security…Problem Solving in Cyber

Cyber security continues to be one of the hottest topics in the digital community as well as one of the greatest opportunities for women in technology. It is a hot topic due... [ read more ]

Attack from the Inside

A good amount has been written about the cyber attack that was launched at SONY’s digital network recently. There have been charges and counter charges about exactly who is behind the attacks... [ read more ]

Data Monitoring – Key to an Early Detection

If you read some of the details of the recent Sony attack, one striking revelation is that over 100 terabytes of information was stolen during the attack – movies, scripts, data, email... [ read more ]

The Enterprise Strikes Back! The Question of Cyber-Attack Retaliation by Private Companies

‘Yes! We want to get ‘em back! They hacked our network and that has cost our company millions of dollars!’ That is probably how many seasoned CIO, CTO or other members of... [ read more ]

10 Cyber Security Measures for Third Party Providers

Once you have your cyber security measures in place, you need to think about the business partners you use. How good do you think their cyber security measures are? Have you asked?... [ read more ]

Emotional Intelligence – A Strength to Leverage for Success

By Jane LeClair Women have long been noted for their ability to perceive things beyond what is said in a verbal conversation. Writing for Psychology Today, Riggio (2014) writes that “Research on... [ read more ]

Cyber Jobs in High Demand—What’s in Your Future?

Prompted by online attacks against such companies as Target and Sony, the demand for cyber security experts is increasing at 3.5 times the pace of the overall IT job market according to... [ read more ]

5 Ways to Improve an Insider Threat Program

Insider threats do not seem to get the same press as a breach at Target or Sony, but as the Robert Hanssen and Edward Snowden cases demonstrated, they are equally as important.... [ read more ]

Ethics in Cyber Security

As we all know, ethics are an important part of cyber security. In countless organizations IT personnel are entrusted with the ability to access sensitive and personal data. How they handle this... [ read more ]