Is Cyberespionage Against International Law?

The recent disclosure of a purported Russian cyber-espionage campaign that targeted NATO, the European Union, and Ukraine once again brings the issue of state sponsored cyber espionage to the forefront. Despite Henry... [ read more ]

Cyber Attack Recovery Planning is Important for All Businesses

Last week’s Yahoo intrusion has something in common with Viagra, penicillin, and Coca-Cola – all happened by accident. The end result was not what the instigator was looking for. At first, it... [ read more ]

Hackers ‘Spearphish’ NATO

If the news had been “Russian backed hackers attack another retailer”, it probably would have gotten a collective yawn from the public and the cyber community. TJMaxx, Home Depot, Target, KMart, PF... [ read more ]

Kmart Joins the Ranks of Breached

Retailer Kmart has finally joined the ranks of the many retailers that have had their digital systems attacked and breached in recent months. Joining with Home Depot, Target, Neiman Marcus, PF Chang... [ read more ]

JP Morgan Wasn’t Lonely

According to recently disclosed information, financial giant JP Morgan wasn’t the only financial institution that was breached recently. As many as 12, and perhaps more, financial institutions were attacked during the same... [ read more ]

Cyber Security versus Information Security

There are two paths of thought on the issue of Internet and ICT security at the international level. The traditional Western powers in the US, European Union, and Japan speak in terms... [ read more ]

5 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Cyber Secure This Week

Quick action may help your business more than you think. With cyber criminals targeting small businesses like yours every day, you need to protect yourself now. Here are 5 actions you can... [ read more ]

Raising Cyber Jobs Awareness: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

As this is Cyber Security month, this is a perfect time to comment on a recent article that highlighted the lack of awareness of cyber security that young adults (millennials?) seem to... [ read more ]

6 Actions for Small Businesses during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Our country loves to celebrate with National Month of groups, events, or causes. Did you know there is a National Celery Month (March), National Novel Writing Month (November) and Smart Irrigation Month... [ read more ]

International Efforts in Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Protection

As result of President Obama’s Executive Order on steps to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity, the National Institute on Standards (NIST) was tasked to develop a framework to improve U.S. critical infrastructure cybersecurity.... [ read more ]

Watch Your Wallet……

More details are emerging from the recent cyber breach at banking giant JP Morgan. Upwards of 75 million customer bank records were stolen during a breach that began in June and ran... [ read more ]

Well this is a Shell Shocking Bashing Mess!

If you are involved with cybersecurity in any fashion, then you know that yet another vulnerability has been discovered. However, this one could even be worse than The OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability bug!... [ read more ]

Who’s Controlling your Vehicle?

As a blog follow up to the Black Hat 2014 Conference in Las Vegas, I had promised to cover the presentation where researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had named the most... [ read more ]

Interceptor, High Tech Hackers are in the Towers!

Well, there is someone intercepting your data while you drive along in your auto on the interstate. Who? Well, we don’t know that answer! Yes, it has been reported that there are... [ read more ]

Trust Us. . . . No Data was Lost

Word comes today that has been hacked by a person or person’s unknown. Reports indicate that the initial breach occurred in early June but went undetected until recently when IT specialists... [ read more ]