How Americans Feel About Cyber Crime

The recent Gallup poll has some new insights about the shift in how Americans feel about being a victim. The highest fear is having credit card information a customer used at a... [ read more ]

Cyber Security Traveling Tips for Small Business Owners

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is time to look forward to traveling to friends and family to celebrate. With some preplanning, you can reduce your cyber risks and really... [ read more ]

Drupal Risk for Small Business Websites

Oh no – another cyber-attack that small businesses need to worry about. Last week’s news that Drupal had a significant bug hit the media. Drupal is an open source website software with... [ read more ]

WireLurker Takes a Bite of the Apple

Apple, Inc. has been riding high for a while now, especially with the recent releases of their new products such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iWatch, and the new iPad... [ read more ]

Sharing – What we all Learned in Kindergarten…

In a recent issue of Forbes, Joe Lazauskas wrote that “There is no silver bullet when it comes to cyber security…”, and most knowledgeable people in the cyber community would tend to... [ read more ]

Dark Web Takedown Demonstrates International Cooperation on Cybercrime

Recently the US and several European law enforcement agencies cooperated to shutdown a number of websites using the Dark Web for criminal purposes. Operation Onymous targeted the Silk Road 2.0 web site... [ read more ]

Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses Processing Credit Cards

Yet more data breaches in the news. This month’s data breaches included Home Depot, Dairy Queen, ATT, Staples and possibly your business. We seem to learn daily about another business that suffered... [ read more ]

Password Management: It’s as easy as 1-2-3…..Well Actually 8-4

I bet I can guess your online password. Is it….1,2,3,4,5,6? Or simply ‘password’? Don’t be surprised that I guessed it because according to a survey those are the top two passwords in... [ read more ]

Cyber Assessment – Important to Baseline and Repeat

“Cat: Where are you going? Alice: Which was should I go Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know. Cat; Then it doesn’t matter which was you go.”... [ read more ]

1 Hour Cyber Security Staff Meeting for Small Businesses

One of the best ways to increase the security of your business network is to help your employees understand why cyber security matters. Most employees want to help your business succeed. But... [ read more ]

Eradicated Malware! – Cybersecurity Coalition “Operation SMN”

In recent news reports and press releases it has been announced that Microsoft in combination with the company Novetta has led a cybersecurity coalition effort of security vendors, security researchers and other... [ read more ]

The ITU Plenipotentiary Meeting in Busan, Korea and International Cyber Policy

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the UN system, opened its quadrennial Plenipotentiary Conference this week in Busan, Korea. This is the highest forum for the international body and... [ read more ]

Identifying the Organizational Crown Jewels

Cyber attackers are at the front door, the back door, the windows and any other available entry point into an organization targeted for attacks. Attacks are becoming more customized and sophisticated, sometimes... [ read more ]

Business and Technical Information Exchange is Critical

Cyber intrusions are continuing to happen with regularity across all types of organizations. Being vigilante every moment of every day places a burden on an organization’s ability to operate, and demands short... [ read more ]

White House cyber breach – Is Anything Safe?

One would assume that the most important residence, the most important government facility, the most important person in the United States, perhaps the world – would have the most secure digital network... [ read more ]