Insider Breach Costs AT&T $25 Million

Insider Breach costs AT&T $25 Million AT&T is paying a hefty price – $25 million – for call center employees in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines who accessed personally identifiable information from... [ read more ]

Offshore Outsourcing in Healthcare

This is the first in a series of postings on offshore outsourcing in healthcare. This first posting will provide some background information, while subsequent posts will address the legal issues, risks, and... [ read more ]

Hacktivism and Blackmail a New Twist

Breaches of the digital systems of big box companies is nothing new in the society we live in. In fact, most cyber breaches are now greeted with a collective yawn by the... [ read more ]

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Attacks Requires Some Thinking

The issues and concerns related cybersecurity, especially in the nuclear industry seems to grow larger with every working day. As soon as one threat is dealt with, a new one seems to... [ read more ]

Is Every Threat an Insider Threat?

Mandiant, a leading cybersecurity firm wrote in their “Threat Landscape” report that every data breach investigated, I am talking 100% here, was a result of stolen credentials.  This leaves me to conclude... [ read more ]

Say Ahhh….Cyber Attacks on Health Care Insurers Continues

It would appear that hackers have found a rich new source of data to be mined – Health Care Insurers. Insurance giant Anthem had the records of approximately 80 million customers exposed... [ read more ]

Your Prescription for Good Cyber Hygiene

Keep your computer software up to date.  The patches and updates should be installed as soon as possible.  They fix known problems.  Criminals are more than happy to use old exploits to... [ read more ]

iPhone….Still Safe…For Now

I was a bit shocked to read the headline at CNN.Money…..”More than 225,000 Apple iPhone accounts hacked”. Shocked because while mobile devices not using the Apple platform are commonly hacked…we all know... [ read more ]

Hurricane Katrina, Our Critical Infrastructure, and You…

This past week was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and those with a vested interest in cybersecurity have, for some time, been sounding warning bells about the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructure.... [ read more ]

Shhhh…your washing machine might be listening!

Our society is evolving and becoming more and more dependent on all things electronic. More and more of our basic appliances are becoming ‘smart’, which is where the Internet of Things (IoT)... [ read more ]

Just because we can do something…

For generations we have been exposed to books and films that have, for the most part, painted the future as dark…a dystopian world as opposed to the much desired utopian societies so... [ read more ]

Pentagon under attack….again!

Hardly a week goes by without news of ‘bad actors’ attacking some business or government agency. One would think that by now these businesses and agencies would have invested in cybersecurity and... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity and the 2016 election

Cybersecurity has become a central focus in the present digital landscape.... [ read more ]

We should all be concerned!

Speaking on the topic of cyber terrorism, Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the U.S. is recently quoted as having said that “ISIS or any of our foreign enemies might develop that... [ read more ]

Car Hacked – Not Safe at Any Speed

The scenario is very frightening. You are making your daily commute to work at 55 mph when suddenly your car begins to accelerate uncontrollably. You step on the brake and nothing happens.... [ read more ]