World Cup Of Cyber Attacks

As the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 moved on to the finals, sponsors, patrons, banks, and organizations suffered significant damage by way of cyber-crime. Brazil’s banks, FIFA World Cup offices, and patrons... [ read more ]

More Women in Cyber

For many years the computer field was a male’s only domain. Females could only watch over the shoulders of males as they dominated keyboards in classrooms across the nation. Now, comes interesting... [ read more ]

Do you know where your critical data is?

You are probably doing all you can and more to build in network and application security in your organization, working to minimize the threat of a devastating cyber attack that can result... [ read more ]

Taking a Bite out of Cybercrime at Restaurants

Another well known business has reported a cyber breach, this time the well known Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s. The business confirms the breach and indicates that cards used between March and... [ read more ]

Rogue IT – you can’t protect what you don’t know about:

Today’s tools and software as a service make high powered, widely deployed capabilities possible without the involvement of the Information Technology or Information Security groups within your organization. These types of activities... [ read more ]

Putter Panda Bites

Putter Panda sounds like a cute name and just saying it can almost bring a smile to your face, until you realize that ‘Putter Panda’ is actually a cover for the ‘People’s... [ read more ]

New Ransomware at Large

CryptoLocker, that infamous ransomware that enters your computer, locks it up, and then demands a ransom to unlock it keeps morphing into newer and nastier versions. The newest, according to CyberheistNews, is... [ read more ]

Call for Abstracts & Papers

The National Cybersecurity Institute Journal is currently extending a call for abstracts & papers, including book and software reviews, editorials and commentary in all areas of cybersecurity that contribute to understanding the... [ read more ]

BLOG Utility hacked: Keeping our guard up

Reuters News recently reported that a major utility had been the target of hackers and that inroads had been made into the utilities control system network. According to Reuters the sophisticated group... [ read more ]

Cyber Partners – important aspect of your cyber defense

Even for the largest of organizations, a major cyber-attack will demand a rapid surge in resources to muster an adequate response and recovery process. These partners can add expertise, insight, and an... [ read more ]

Preparation is the key to cyber incident response

Imagine an NFL team coming out on the field without a game plan that has been scrutinized, practiced and tightly scripted; it’s pretty much unthinkable. Despite this understanding, many organizations wait to... [ read more ]

Align the entire organization on cyber threats

Cyber threats are one of biggest risks that organizations face today, capable of completely disrupting operations, reputation and ability to function. It is imperative that the Board work with the C-Suite, the... [ read more ]

CryptoLocker ramps up attacks

So called ‘Ransom’ attacks on systems have been with us for a while now.  These attacks occur when an individual opens email to which is attached malware that locks up the computer... [ read more ]

Chinese caught in cookie jar….but what now?

On Monday, May 25th the United States Justice Department officially indicted five people in the Chinese military for spying on US businesses. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “This is a case... [ read more ]

A new bank robber known as Pandemiya

Watch out would be bank robbers, there is now a new crook on the loose. No, it’s not a person but a new malware source code. It is way different than the... [ read more ]

The Facts of Attacks

This past May there were a significant decrease of cyber-attacks. As a network forensics engineer I have personally experienced this decrease in attacks. There were only small peak times of attacks that... [ read more ]

Bank takes the fight to Criminal Hackers

The Bank of England will be going to cyber war with cyber criminals soon. Yes, The Bank of England has decided to use cyber threat intelligence methodologies for predicting and deterring cyber... [ read more ]

Center for Technology Leadership

Professional development plays a critical role in preparing you for advancement. In this highly competitive, resource-constrained, global environment, how do you set yourself apart? This is the only training I have attended... [ read more ]

A Start At Securing Our Vital Assets

On February 12, 2014 the Obama Administration issued an Executive Order titled “Improving Critical infrastructure Cybersecurity”.  According to the order a cyber security framework will be developed that “…shall include a set... [ read more ]

Target breach: making a bad situation worse

By Kris Monroe, NCI Fellow I was prompted to write my first blog post for NCI after my wife received an email from Target on Friday, January 17th. This email with subject... [ read more ]

Excelsior College Cyber Student Wins Competition

Each year the National Cyber League holds sponsored events, challenges and competitions that highlight the skills of upcoming cyber security experts. This year Anna Truss, who graduates from Excelsior College in December, demonstrated her skills... [ read more ]

We Had Fair Warning

The TJ Maxx cyber breach of 2007 sounded the warning bell to consumers and retailers that the security of credit card sales was in question. Upwards of 40 million customers were put at risk... [ read more ]

Are you Ready?

A key component of any Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is full support from upper management for that team. This support includes buying in to the need for an organization-wide CSIRT,... [ read more ]