Beware of Clicking that Destination on the Map!

Okay, everyone uses Google Maps. It is because we do not want to get lost trying to get to our destinations. However, what if there is a particular destination in which you... [ read more ]

The Plight of Exhuming or Burying Digital Remains

As concerns over digital privacy grow there has been much debate on the digital past-life of the now deceased. How does one access once private accounts well protected by users when alive... [ read more ]

Cyber Lite….or Just Right?

Recently Michael Daniels, the cyber security czar for the Obama administration openly admitted during an interview with GovInfoSecurity that his technical expertise in the digital domain was very limited. Timothy Lee in... [ read more ]

Law Firms Not Exempt from Cyber Breaches

Nearly every organization is subject to cyber attacks and the loss of sensitive information that can result. Law firms are no exception. A great deal of sensitive material is naturally kept within... [ read more ]

Health Care Breach Affects 4.5 Million Americans

The relentless assault by hackers on the cyber systems of the nation continues to escalate as news comes of yet another cyber breach that will affect millions of Americans. According to just-released... [ read more ]

Congress Takes Action on Cyber Bill

It’s a bit of a rarity these days when Congress is able to compromise on legislation. However, on July 28 the House passed H.R. 3693, a bill known as the National Cybersecurity... [ read more ]

Handle Sensitive Information Differently

If you have highly sensitive information, think about an entirely different way of handling it from your normal email, collaboration, and other systems. If it is the kind of information that can... [ read more ]

Use USB Only for Personal Use!

I saw some great advice in an article about USB – pretend they are your toothbrush and share accordingly. USBs are amazing devices and the amount you can store on them is... [ read more ]

Who is Behind Your Firewall?

Having only a perimeter defense is a bad idea, but knowing who is inside your company’s network is a key component of a solid defensive approach to cyber-security. Over the years, your... [ read more ]

NCI’s Black Hat 2014 Wrap Up

On Tuesday, 5 August, the Black Hat 2014 training sessions were being wrapped up during the evening sessions. There were a number of topics that security experts were attending during the first... [ read more ]

What If Your Password Is Compromised?

Co-Authored by NCI Fellows James Antonakos and Scott Gilreath We’ve been hearing a lot lately about passwords being compromised and stolen by hacker. But what happens if your password is stolen? Sometimes nothing happens. The hacker... [ read more ]

Backoff Malware Strikes Merchants

A new zero day malware has been reported to be at large in the digital community. The Secret Service and the DHS reports that this new malware called “Backoff” was uncovered by... [ read more ]

Change Your Password….TODAY!

Those Russian backed hackers in Eastern Europe have done it again…and set what appears to be a record for an Internet data heist. According to yesterday’s news reports, an amazing 1.2 billion….yes... [ read more ]

Understanding Privileged Account Usage

When an attacker attempts to gain access to your network, servers, sensitive information, and other important assets, one of the preferred methods is acquiring legitimate credentials. This might be accomplished in a number... [ read more ]

Mobilizing Non-IT Organizational Resources for Cyber Incident Response

When your organization encounters a cyber-attack or major data breach, it typically impacts many segments outside of the information technology group. Your planning efforts must include how to bring the assets of... [ read more ]