How Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable to Insider Threat

While the insider threat in government agencies and large companies is a known problem, less is known about the insider threat to critical US infrastructure, such as water purification or nuclear power... [ read more ]

China and Cybersecurity

Jon Lindsay recently published an interesting article in the Winter 2014/2015 edition of the journal International Security. The article provides an in-depth and balanced assessment of the issues surrounding China and its... [ read more ]

Look Mom…No Hands!

It would appear from news sources and technology magazines that we are headed full throttle towards driverless cars in the not-so-distant future. There will no doubt be those who welcome ‘auto parking’,... [ read more ]

Defending and Protecting in Cybersecurity? More Funding Is Needed

In the wake of all of the cyber attacks, big box store breaches, bank breaches and cyber espionage there are other organizations that are at war with these bad actors in cyber... [ read more ]

AI: We Can…But Should We?

Ask yourself – what do Bill Gates, Steven Hawking and Elon Musk all have in common? Recently they have all questioned the relentless pursuit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by scientists. Artificial intelligence..the... [ read more ]

Lessons from Anthem Attack

Perhaps the biggest lesson from the Anthem theft of data is the action being taken by Attorneys General from several major states. Efforts to protect consumers have long been a mission of... [ read more ]

Executive Order on Cybersecurity: Billion-Dollar Bank Heist

It was another exciting week in cybersecurity. Last Friday, February the 13th, the White House and Silicon Valley leaders met at Stanford University for a discussion on cybersecurity and consumer protection. The... [ read more ]

Cyber Crime: Has Your Purchase Order Been a Scam? How Can This Scam Be Prevented?

In the United States there are 7.8 million women that own businesses. This is a 20.1% increase from 2002-2007. Women-owned firms make up 28.7% of non-farm businesses across the country with an... [ read more ]

Government Cyber Agency Will Be Here Shortly!

Well, it’s about time that we all started sharing! In an effort to get every government agency on board and to continue the build out of several post 9/11 command and control... [ read more ]

Cars, the Internet of Things, and Cyber Risk

A newly released report by Senator Ed Markey(D) of Massachusetts highlights the risk of wireless hacking into the control systems of new cars. New cars may contain as many as a hundred... [ read more ]

Pressure Points – Management and IT

Most organizations have to handle cyber security improvements on the fly; while the business is operating and while other elements of the company are changing and expanding the IT function. A frequent... [ read more ]

The Categories of Insider Threat: Part 2

Last week’s blog discussed two of the four levels of insider threat. I wrote about pure insider threat and insider associate levels. This week, I will discuss the other two levels of... [ read more ]

Should Your Business Retaliate after Being Hacked?

Your business has been hacked. You are angry and want to take action against the criminals. Passivity is not something you value as a business owner. Your local law enforcement agency didn’t... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity in the President’s National Security Strategy

On 6 February, President Obama released the 2015 National Security Strategy. This document is fundamental for the development of the subordinate departmental strategies and determining programmatic budgets. The Defense, Homeland Security, and... [ read more ]

My Insurance/Credit Card/Store Just Got Hacked, What Should I Do?

It seems hardly a week goes by before the morning news brings the announcement that another major company has suffered a data breach. This week it is the health care company Anthem... [ read more ]