Spinning Out of Control

One has to wonder just where all the hacking is going to lead. Nothing it seems is safe any longer. Major retailers, SONY, the White House, banks, defense contractors, government agencie–all seem... [ read more ]

Top 3 Issues for Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is becoming more popular, in part to the large expense of recovery from a cyber attack. Just as we insure houses due to the high cost to replace a house... [ read more ]

How Will Predictive Policing Impact Society in the Future?

Our Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives Derek A. Smith joined RT America yesterday to discuss predictive policing and how it could imapct us in the future. How do you think it will impact... [ read more ]

Biometrics: Are we Giving Too Much Away?

Amongst the tekkie community there has been some discussion of Google’s proposal to incorporate biometrics into its product line…including Google Glass. For those not familiar with Google Glass, they are a pair... [ read more ]

Expect More and Different Attacks in 2015

We have seen a large number of attacks in 2014, with many more not being disclosed to the general public. The market is scrambling to launch an ever more sophisticated array of... [ read more ]

Where are the Women in Cyber?

For some time now we have been asking a simple question – where are the women in technology? The usual answer is…it’s being worked on. Statistics reveal women in STEM programs continue... [ read more ]

We’ve Come a Long Way…

I just read that Ralph Baer passed away this week. Some people won’t recognize his name so let me start at the beginning…. As we approach the holiday season many of us... [ read more ]

3 Key Lessons for Small Businesses After the Sony Pictures Attack

The recent cyber-attack on Sony Pictures has severe repercussions to small businesses as well as large corporations. This latest attack was not only malicious (aka stealing data), it was destructive. Data and... [ read more ]

It’s Not Good to be in this Top Ten list!

The FBI has issued their latest Top 10 most wanted cyber criminals. 1.Nicolea Popescu- This 34-year-old Romanian is accused of duping Americans with fake auction posts on several websites, including Cars.com and... [ read more ]

Shoulder Surfing

I was in a tourist area not long ago and needed to use an ATM. I went to the bank I usually go to in that area, bypassed the outside walkup and... [ read more ]

Cyber Security Budget Planning for Small Businesses

Budget season is upon many businesses. Savvy small businesses are thinking about cyber security expenses as well as payroll and marketing. You know that it is likely you will be a hacker’s... [ read more ]

Censoring Hollywood?

In his 1941 State of the Union speech, President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined what he felt were the four basic freedoms that everyone in the world should have: The freedom from want,... [ read more ]

Password 101 for Small Businesses

We are admonished regularly to change passwords frequently and make them complex. Our challenge of course is how to think of so many new passwords. I counted the number of my password... [ read more ]

How Americans Feel About Cyber Crime

The recent Gallup poll has some new insights about the shift in how Americans feel about being a victim. The highest fear is having credit card information a customer used at a... [ read more ]

Cyber Security Traveling Tips for Small Business Owners

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is time to look forward to traveling to friends and family to celebrate. With some preplanning, you can reduce your cyber risks and really... [ read more ]