Law Enforcement Cybercrime Series Tools, Tactics & Techniques Social Engineering: Dumpster Diving/Extortion

Those of us charged with protecting the citizens of the United States will not like this story but it happens often enough that we should understand the social engineering aspects of it. ... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity – Control of Portable Media and Devices Part 2

Last week I provided an overview of portable media and noted that while it is convenient, it can also be a pathway for malware to enter a digital system. To protect your... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity – Control of Portable Media and Devices Part 1

Portable media is anything that can be used to hold information in a form that a computer may read. This information can be manually exchanged between computer based devices. It can be... [ read more ]

Warning Bells Ring: But too Late?

It seems that someone has finally gotten the message that our critical infrastructure is in danger! A recent article in, U.S. Infrastructure Can Be Hacked With Google, Simple Passwords, quotes authorities... [ read more ]

Who to sue?

Recently word that a US casino was suing a cybersecurity company for failure to protect the assets of the casino. Writing for ‘The Hill’ Katie Williams writes: “Affinity Gaming hired Trustwave, a... [ read more ]

Office of Civil Rights HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Program

On March 21st the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) announced the launch of Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audit Program. Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audit Program will review the policies and... [ read more ]

Community Colleges Can Be The First Step to Cybersecurity

As those of us with a vested interest in cybersecurity can attest to, the Obama administration has been at the forefront in advancing education in the cyber arena. In his recent State... [ read more ]

Consider Adding the CISSP to Your Credentials

For many years the credential Certified Information Systems Security Professional or (CISSP) has been THE certification that those with a vested interest in cybersecurity have sought to attain. The CISSP credential is... [ read more ]

Are we our own worst enemy?

Anyone who has a vested interest in cybersecurity recognizes that cyber attacks on our digital systems are increasing…not just in numbers, but in sophistication as well. We would do well to direct... [ read more ]

Hello, This is the IRS Calling

Probably the most frightening call you will ever receive is one from the IRS notifying you that your records are being ‘reviewed’, and they have a few ‘clarifying’ questions to ask you... [ read more ]

FDA Draft: Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices

The FDA recently released new guidance for managing cybersecurity in medical devices. The guidance emphasizes the manufacturers need to monitor, identify, and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exploits. This document is guidance and... [ read more ]

OCR Releases Crosswalk between HIPAA Security Rule and NIST Cybersecurity Framework

On February 24th the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health (ONC) released a... [ read more ]


Ransom – We have all seen it in the movies or read about it in the media. A wealthy person has something of value, be it a family member, a favorite dog,... [ read more ]

Ransomware Makes Headlines: Are we Paying Attention NOW?

We’ve talked about this before, in fact only a few weeks ago we brought attention to the woes that befall those in the digital community held hostage by ransomware.     To... [ read more ]

By Order of the President

Today President Obama signed an Executive Order that seeks to modernize the digital system in the federal government and increase cybersecurity. The order lays the groundwork for establishing a federal privacy council... [ read more ]